Saturday, June 12, 2010




PENSHOPPE’s Holiday 2010 Collection for Philippine Fashion Week takes its already well-loved apparel a notch higher with a fresh, sophisticated mix of pieces.

With fashionable London as inspiration, the retail giant shows off a cohesive collection that comes in different facets – a bold mix that captures and represents the different personalities and aesthetics of the new breed of stylish and fashion-aware individuals. Each facet is unique from each other in terms of cuts, texture, styling, print and the occasional punch of color – but tied together by its fundamental use of sleek blacks, cool grays and crisp whites, and Penshoppe’s clean and quality craftsmanship.

For example, active wear is updated with a new sartorial touch in the collection’s Tailored Sport facet, with updated and fresh tank tops, shorts, varsity jackets, and single breasted sports coats. Penshoppe also revisits the grunge trend with a more relaxed feel in the collection’s Restrained Distress facet with patched and deconstructed jeans and slouchy dresses.
James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and other vintage icons are re-interpreted with The New Urbanite’s neo-vintage, Retro Specs facet as well, giving the city’s layer-loving crowd a feast with crisp vests over shirts and bomber jackets over graphic tees.The steampunk and goth trends are also given a more classic, wearable look with the collection’s black on black pieces dubbed the Dark Romantics facet. Victorian nuances like puffed sleeves, bandleader detailing and double-breasted coats on classic wardrobe staples give the collection more depth and fashionability.
To complete the collection, Penshoppe’s Militia-inspired pieces (the Active Duty facet) give the Filipino urbanite their choice of fashionable army-inspired apparel, such as fatigue bomber jackets, green or brown casted denim jeans and khaki dresses.

With the brand’s direction of taking its well-loved apparel to a more sophisticated level – clearly seen in their Holiday 2010 offering – there is no doubt that Philippine casual wear will enter a new era with Penshoppe’s New Urbanite Collection.

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