Tuesday, November 30, 2010


From left: PROFESSOR RAOUL PARIENTI (FRANCE), for Scientific Innovation (Top Braille); JUSTICE VICTOR MANUEL NUNEZ RODRIGUEZ (PARAGUAY), for Social Justice & Humanitarian Law; DR. RAINER KRELL (GERMANY), for Scientific Innovation (Organic Farming); DR. ART-ONG JUMSAI (THAILAND), for Scientific Invention (Spacecraft’s soft landing in Mars) & Human Values Education; HER EXCELLENCY AMB. MARY CHINERY-HESSE (GHANA), for International Diplomacy & Humanitarianism; MR. ARNE VEIDUNG (NORWAY), for Scientific Invention (World Medical Card); CONSUL GENERAL LO SENG CHUNG (CHINA), for Humanitarianism; MR. YANK BARRY (CANADA), for Social Services & International Humanitarianism; MR. WALTER MAIBAUM (USA), for Visual Arts & Art Preservation; REV. FR. ROCKY EVANGELISTA (PHILIPPINES), for Social Services & Humanitarianism; MR. DAVID PLATTNER (USA), for Environment & Biodiversity; MAJOR GENERAL MAHINDA HATHURUSINGHE (SRI-LANKA), for Peace Process; HON. OLIVER “BUCK” REVELL (USA), for International Law Enforcement & Peace Keeping; PROF. JIVKO JELEV (BULGARIA), for Scientific Innovation (encrypted mark and code of materials for motor vehicles & documents against theft & falsification); HONOURABLE ARNOLD FOOTE (JAMAICA), for International Diplomacy; MR. DEMETRI ARGYROPOULOS (GREECE) for Economics & Youth Leadership; DR. IRINEL POPESCU (ROMANIA), for Medicine (Liver Transplant Surgery) and DR. MICHAEL NOBEL (SWEDEN), for Education & Humanitarianism.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Rusty Lopez is expanding its product line by introducing more hip and up-to-the-minute footwear in addition to its selection of classic shoes that people have come to love through the years. And for the first time in its 33-year-history, Rusty Lopez is joining other fashion-forward brands as it debuts its Holiday 2010 and Summer 2011 Collections at the much-celebrated Philippine Fashion Week on October 29, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia.
Through the years, Rusty Lopez has provided the market with quality and affordable footwear for every member of the family and has steered its shoe designs towards the casual, formal, athletic, outdoor and corporate styles. To date, it holds one of the biggest market shares within the local shoe industry.
Lolito Lopez and wife Lily effectively positioned Rusty Lopez as the brand name that rivaled the best of what the local shoe industry had to offer. To date, it has some 2,000 employees from its Marikina factory to its more than 200 stores nationwide.  The company’s dynamic growth is simultaneously happening around the country. In fact, it recently launched a branch in Kalibo, Aklan and by November this year, the flagship store in Robinsons Galleria will open its doors to all “shoe-paholics”.
To be in step with the times, the couple’s 23-year-old daughter,  Nicole Lopez,  is helping  infuse the words  ‘fun’  and ‘frills’ to the brand’s new lines. Thus, apart from the basic black shoes, pumps and grey step-ins,   Rusty Lopez now has shoe styles and colors that are chic, classy and current. This expands their market, reaching out to young fashionistas.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


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A call against hunger unites thousands of youth
Pinoy youth heed the call for an unprecedented movement towards change
Students from different colleges and universities are going on a “hunger protest”. The urgent hunger problem in the country has reached their attention and this young generation is not taking it lightly. This time they‟re no longer standing on the sidelines, but are joining the battle as frontliners.
World Vision launched the “12 hour Famine” campaign, a global youth movement against hunger. On November 6, at the Flying V Arena in San Juan, the “12-hour Famine” will gather over 2,000 youth in a “peaceful protest” against hunger. For 12 hours (from 9am-9pm) every youth participant will voluntarily fast from solid food in an effort to raise awareness about the dire hunger problem globally. The fast is also a sign of their sacrifice for the world‟s hungry people.
The Famine campaign desires to build a young generation who are socially aware and willing to stand up and begin positive change for the nation and the generations to come.
To register and join dial 8-FAMINE or register online at You may also register on the day itself.
Hope of the nation
Proving true to the saying “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”, students from high schools, colleges and universities have wholeheartedly signed-up to join the 12-hour fast. Stepping out of their “perfect world” they are voluntarily stepping into the lives of the poor even just for a few hours once in their lives.
“I want to show the nation that the youth care about our brothers and sisters who suffer from hunger. This is my way of sympathizing with them because I now know how they feel to a certain degree after having fasted for 12 hours,” shares Jemimah from St Scholastica‟s College.

“The youth should really join the 12-hour Famine it‟s the best way we could do something about the hunger problem in the country. This will also help us realize how blessed we are and that we need to share this with those in need,” explains Camille of Assumption.
“Taking part in the Famine will definitely make us appreciate the things we have and give us the desire to reach out to those in need. And we get a feel of how the poor live by experiencing hunger,” shares King of De LaSalle University.
The “12-hour Famine” toured numerous schools educating students about the country‟s hunger problem and giving them an opportunity to join a movement to begin positive change. Famine Ambassadors and supporters Sam Concepcion, Tippy dos Santos, Krissy and Ericka Villongco, and Marco Manalac joined the campus tours encouraging the youth to lend their voices to this noble cause.
Among the schools visited by the Famine are Assumption College, De LaSalle University, St. Scholastica‟s College, Muntinlupa Science high school, Miriam College, Poveda, Xavier School, UST, Adamson University, St. Paul Pasig, and many others.
“I think it‟s just the lack of awareness that‟s keeping the youth from helping, „cause we‟ve seen in the past how we can come together in times of crises… how we can unite and really help! So we just have to let the word out and let the young generation become aware!” shares Sam Concepcion, Famine Ambassador.
By going hungry for 12 hours, participants gain a deeper understanding of how it‟s actually like to go without food. Their sacrifice allows them a glimpse of hunger— an everyday reality for millions of Filipinos today.
On November 6, by uniting the voice of the young generation, World Vision hopes to raise as much funds for its projects geared towards providing food security for poor Filipino families in the Philippines.
"The incidence of hunger in the Philippines is „extremely alarming‟. The Social Weather Station recently reported that 21.1 percent of Filipino families, or 4 million families, experience involuntary hunger—these four million families cover 20 million people half being children,” explains Boris Joaquin, Marketing Director for World Vision.
The same “Famine” campaign is being done globally: the 30-hour Famine in the US, the 40-hour Famine in Australia and New Zealand, and the 24-hour Famine in the United Kingdom, to name a few.
Some big names in entertainment and media to grace the “12-hour Famine” are Lea Salonga, Karen Davila, Julius and Tintin Babao, Ruffa Gutierez, Paul Soriano, Nikki Gil, Sam Concepcion, Tippy dos Santos, Chris Tiu, Cristalle Belo-Henares, Krissy and Ericka Villongco, and many others.
The 12-hour hunger period will be devoted to educational talks on hunger issues, video presentations, prayer time, games, and a big, festive concert.
Everyone is invited to join the “12-hour Famine” November 6, from 9am-9pm at the Flying V Arena in San Juan. Visit our website or dial 8-FAMINE for more details.


Dance, fashion and teen fun take the spotlight
in Crissa Dance Synergy 2010 
 All-girl dance groups from various high school and universities are all geared up to show off their passion for dance, love for creativity and fashion, and penchant for fun and friendships as they converge in the most anticipated clash of dance divas, the Crissa Dance Synergy 2010, the biggest and longest-running all-girl dance competition in the country.
 The only dance competition endorsed and accredited by the Department of Education, Crissa Dance Synergy gathers the best all-female dance groups from different schools in Metro Manila to showcase the best in contemporary dance. Now on its sixth year, this year’s competition promises to be a bigger and more exciting dance battle as it includes not only high school but college students who are all ready to display their artistry, creativity, and outstanding coordination to be named this year’s best and most fashionable all-female dance team.
 “For the past five years, Crissa’s teen dance competition, the Crissa Teen Synergy, has successfully become the most exciting and much-awaited dance contest for today’s teen girls, where girl groups get to express themselves through dance. It has afforded them the chance to showcase their talent, synergy and team spirit in front of a wide audience. This year, there had been a clamor from college dance teams to join the competition, so we’re giving them a chance to shine and show what they’ve got by including them in this season. We’ve changed the name of the contest to ‘Crissa Dance Synergy’ to aptly reflect the bigness of this year’s dance competition,” said Chris Go, Crissa brand manager.
 Besides having a bigger competition, Year 6 of Crissa Dance Synergy gets even more exciting with this year’s theme inspired by the chick flick, Sex and the City. It’s going to be a city invasion of girly chic as the contestants don their fun personalities, confident attitudes and fashionable styles as they display their infectious moves on the stage.
 “Crissa Dance Synergy is not only about battling it out on the stage, but more importantly, an event where the girls can really have fun, be confident and make new friends with other girls from other schools,” added Go. 
Exciting prizes are up for grabs this year. Grand champions for the high school and college category each get P100,000 cash prize while 1st runners-up each receive P75,000 cash. Second runner-up winner for the high school category gets P50,000 cash.

 The competition is open to all high school and college female students. Each team must consist of 8 to 10 members and each member must be bona fide students enrolled for the school year 2010-2011. Joining teams must present the duly accomplished entry form complete with the group or team members’ photos and names. For application forms, contestants should contact Melissa Lee of Excite at 0912-4888888. 
 There is no limit to the dance styles or routine that the groups want to showcase. Groups are free to mix up their music – which can be a combination of modern jazz, hip-hop, street dancing, modern ballet, etc. – provided that routine of each team should last for 2 ½ to 3 minutes only.
 Self-expression through fashion also defines the Crissa Dance Synergy competition, thus teams are given the freedom to mix up their fashion styles which should reflect Crissa’s “fashionably fun” concept. Team members may accessorize and jazz up their own Crissa outfits to express their unique styles and fashion statements. The group with the most stylish costume will win the Fashionably Fun Award and will go home with a special prize from Crissa.
Teams will be judged according to the following criteria: Visual Effectiveness 10%; Costuming Effectiveness 10%; Variety Movements 20%; Synchronization 20%; Creativity/Originality 20%; and Showmanship/Crowd Appeal 20%. 

Elimination rounds will happen on November 6 at the SM North Edsa Sky Dome; November 12 at the SM Megamall Activity Center; and November 20 at the Market! Market! Activity Center. The grand finals are slated on December 11 at the SM Mall of Asia Activity Center with fun and exciting activities in store for the crowd and a surprise guest who will definitely make all the girls swoon.
 The Crissa Dance Synergy 2010 is presented by Juicy, The Body Shop, WL Foods, Biogenic, Reva Footwear, Fres Beauty Soap and Sisters Sanitary Napkin. For more information, check out Crissa Jeans on Facebook.

Friday, November 5, 2010


                              GUSI PEACE PRIZE BANNER 
                                      GUSI PEACE PRIZE BANNER