Monday, May 28, 2012

Social Media and Blog Protection and Beyond

The surging popularity of social media may have ranked the Philippines as the no. 1 social networking market in Asia, but it has also put us no. 1 in terms of risk when it comes to cyber crimes and cyber threats which lurk these social networking sites.

“Social networking easily enables its users to connect to their peers and colleagues through adding friends or joining groups, which enable them to build a network conveniently. However, the same characteristic of such social media sites is also its weakness, as it makes the user extra vulnerable to viruses, threats and cyber crimes which, in contrast, cause a great deal of inconvenience,” Myla Pilao, Core Technology Director of Trend Micro said.

Monday, May 21, 2012

World closes in on HIV vaccine

Last 18 May, World AIDS Vaccine Day, the UN Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) declared that the world may soon have a vaccine to prevent HIV infections. 

UNAIDS cited new developments following the results of a 2009 trial in Thailand--RV144--which showed a 31.2% vaccine efficacy in preventing HIV infections.

While the results were "modestly protective," they nonetheless represented a significant scientific advance, and were the first demonstration that a vaccine can prevent HIV infection in a general adult population. This discovery has been followed by more encouraging data in the following years.

UNAIDS and the US Centers for Disease Control worked closely with modelling teams to estimate the impact of the RV 144 regimen in different countries and with different populations and found that 10% of infections could be prevented if the same 31% efficacy was found in people who receive the vaccine.

Although a vaccine may not provide the magic bullet to end the AIDS epidemic, it would provide an additional tool to add to the package of HIV prevention optione that are currently available. 

Trials are now planned to see if an RV-144-like regimen will protect against a strain of HIV infection found in South Africa against HIV acquisition by people at higher risk of exposure, especially men who have sex with men.  

However, HIV vaccine funding has been declining since 2008 until 2011, putting into question the prospects for developing an HIV vaccine in the near future. In the meantime, over 34 million people are living with HIV, and every day more than 7000 people are becoming infected with the virus.  

Read the UNAIDS Feature Story, "The quest for an HIV vaccine" at: 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Karylle for Miladay Jewelries

Miladay Jewelries has recently tapped actress/singer Karylle as its first-ever endorser for its “Miladay Today” campaign with an aim to reach as many Filipinos as possible. Miladay has chosen Karylle for the reason that she (Karylle) embodies the same philosophy and values as Miladay Jewelries possesses.

With its campaign entitled “Miladay Today”, This 46 year-old company that started in a small garage has evolved into a multi-awarded company to what it is today. Miladay continuously captivate the eyes of both of its local and foreign clients with its intricate designs and high quality-made jewelries that you can look upon on their shops located in malls nationwide.

Just like a multi-faceted diamond, singer-actress-TV host Karylle has sparkled all the more after overcoming challenges over the years. Throughout those hard times, her class, sophistication, and inner beauty shone brightest making her the perfect choice to be the famed and trusted jewelry brand Miladay’s first-ever celebrity endorser.

“Just like the history of Miladay, Karylle’s life is composed of inspiring tales of love,” says Christine Dayrit, one of the owners of Miladay. “This makes her the perfect choice to be the face of ‘Miladay Today’.”

As brand ambassador, Karylle jumpstarts the 46-year-old jewelry company’s empowering campaign – Miladay Today. In this campaign, Karylle appears in an AVP titled “Sacred Vows,” where she empowers one to make inspired vows to one’s self.

“Sacred Vows” is directed by award-winning director Mark Meily. The cinematography is done by award-winning cinematographer Carlo Mendoza (Asiong Salonga), a former classmate of Karylle at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Karylle explains, “It is like being engaged to yourself. It is a brilliant concept that aims to inspire and remind people that loving one’s self is the ultimate key to one’s happiness. At this day and age, one does not need someone else to give one an engagement ring or a dream diamond or any precious jewels for that matter. It’s the best gift of love you can give yourself. I am so happy to be part of this campaign and of this trusted brand.”

Miladay Today is a part of the Dayrits’ effort to fulfill founder Mila Salgado-Dayrit’s dream of each Filipino having a Miladay piece, no matter how small.

 “This is such a big honor to have been chosen by Miladay to be its first celebrity endorser,” says a giggly Karylle. “The brand stands for so many good and beautiful  things—trust, love, integrity—and I am so excited to be its brand ambassador.”

Christine Dayrit notes Karylle’s achievements as the primary reason why the singer-actress was chosen as brand ambassador.

Karylle has just received international acclaims for her work in the TV series The Kitchen Musical. She is currently a part of the noontime show Showtime and the Sunday variety show ASAP 2012. Her latest album Roadtrip, which she personally produced, has just turned Gold.

JEWELS OF MILADAY: (From left) Jaqui Dayrit-Boncan, Michelle Dayrit-Soliven, Mark Dayrit, Christine Dayrit and Yvonne Dayrit-Romualdez. 

More than these achievements as a performer, Karylle’s golden heart is simply her biggest achievement. For

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chevron Philippines together with Project Seahorse Foundation Opens Center for Marine Conservation Awareness

Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), in partnership with Project Seahorse Foundation (PSF), recently opened the Minantaw Marine Conservation Information Center, a former guardhouse renovated by CPI located inside the Minantaw Marine Park and Sanctuary (MMPS) in Danajon Bank, Cebu. The information center, a project under the Caltex Energy for Learning initiative, will help visitors learn more about the unique but endangered Danajon Bank, one of only six known double barrier reefs in the world.  

Photo shows (starting 3rd from left) Raissa Bautista, CPI PGPA manager; Caubian bgy. chairman Romeo Matbagon; Greg Terk, Manager for Policy, Government & Public Affairs (PGPA) Chevron Corp; and Don Campbell, Global Manager – PGPA, Chevron Corp; during a short turn-over ceremony of the vests at the MMPS guardhouse.

 To mark the occasion, CPI provided PSF and local fishers groups, NAMACA, with life vests for fish wardens and visitors on tour of the sanctuary. The event also strengthens four years of partnership as the MMPS expands into ecotourism.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Feel the comfort and the elegant style of the latest products from American Standard….the leading manufacturers of  high-quality bathroom fixtures such as showerheads, lavatories, bowls, wash basins, bathtubs, water closets and other bathroom fixtures and accessories.

As a trendsetter in the bathroom and fixture industry, American Standard recently launched its state of the art line of bathroom collection that will surely turn the heads of the ordinary people to the fashion-savvy ones.  

These new line of collection from American Standard were designed by some of the world-renowned designers in the field of fashion, automotive, home and others. Some of these designers are: David Chipperfield, Ronen Joseph, Achim Pohl, Tomas Fiegl, Mark Sadler, Khumtong Jansuwan and Franco Bertolo, all of whom have earned their right on their respective field and received an award from prestigious award-giving body. 


Enchanted-(Concept) With a playful design that is pleasant to the eyes.

Alchemist-With a Strong and Sculptural look and design.

Time Traveller-With a well-decorated design from the small ones to the big ones.

Wilderness Design-With organically-shape and design that is nature-inspired.

 Illusionist-(Eurozen & Satis Asteo) With the latest technologically advance functions and features.

Having American Standard products in your home is something that is worth every penny you will spend….considering its Durability, Reliability and After Sales Service it offers to its customers.

With the assurance of having a high-quality bathroom fixtures in your home….one will not worry anymore of having a repairman in your house all the time where your family’s security is at stake.

American Standard’s new line of bathroom fixtures and others products are available in all major building materials depots nationwide.  

For more information, you may visit


If there is someone in our lives that most of us, if not all of us spent most of our time in our toddler years… will definitely be our mothers. And for this mother’s day special, SM Storyland will treat all mothers a promo called “Mom’s Day Treat” where all moms and their kids will be treated with perks like free photo booth, free face painting for mom and kids, they will also given a loot bag courtesy of Regent and Cherifier. And also, kids will have the opportunity to make a Do-It-Yourself Mother’s Day card and share their heartfelt messages to their loving mom. Aside from that, Moms and kids will be given a free ride certificate for every P300 single receipt worth of purchases from participating SM branches nationwide.   


World Food Philippines in partnership with Uniliver Philippines recently launched the “Sandwhich Heroes” where 40,000 Pilipino school children from the most depressed area of our country will benefit from this program.

Study shows that a large number of  Pilipino school children goes to school with an empty stomach. And because of this World Food Philippines together with Uniliver Philippines took upon their hands the task of alleviating this severe problem our children are facing today.

Exerting this kind of effort may not solve this problem (hunger) our children are facing every day completely, however, by doing this kind of effort…the hunger our children are experiencing will fade even for a while. And through this effort, I believe that there will be a riffle effect where others will be influenced and will do the same thing. And with that, more and more children will be fed and the lesser children will go to school with an empty stomach.   

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Japanese car distributor Suzuki Philippines Inc today breaks into the D-segment and rolls out the Suzuki Kizashi.  

Experience the comfort and elegance of the all-new Suzuki Kizashi, a car that is well suited to the choosy and the luxurious-oriented individual. With its outstanding physical appearance, with its super-strong body material, the beautifully designed car interiors, its high- powered engine and not to mention its economical value when it comes to fuel savings…..Surely, the all-new Suzuki Kizashi is truly a new breed of car to watch out for. 

          1.  Keyless entry and start system with Intelligent Key and anti-theft alarm
          2.  Electronic power steering (EPS)
          3.  Luxurious fabric seats
          4.  Dual-zone climate control system with rear vents
          5.  17” alloy wheels and tires
          6.  High capacity dual mufflers for silent operation      
7.     Integrated audio system with USB connectivity and 6 speakers
8.     Acrylic B-pillar garnish with piano-black finish
9.     3 dimensional mesh grill with smoke-look finish
10.            Clear headlamps with connecting rings
11.            Cylindrical theme tail lamps
12.            Symmetrical dashboard design
13.            Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with 6-speed manual mode

Prepare your senses for a “sign of great things to come”. This vehicle will be specifically targeted for the discriminating and sophisticated executive class market marking Suzuki Philippines further foray into the highly competitive D-segment of the vehicle industry.

Have an exhilarating experience with Kizashi’s powerful driving performance powered by its state-of-the-art  2.4 litre engine coupled with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with 6 speed manual mode specially designed for whisper quiet yet surprisingly powerful performance in low gears while yielding an excellent fuel economy even in the highest gear setting.

Kizashi’s exterior appearance is truly a sight to behold, a touch of highest dignity with a subdued sporty demeanor. Kizashi is equipped with intelligent and advanced controls like the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that adds to the superb driving experience that showcases Suzuki’s latest innovation and technology.

Suzuki executives together with celebrity female host Ms. Cathy Alano during the ceremonial toast of the launching of the all-new Suzuki Kizashi.

Beyond Luxury: The interior

          Prepare yourself as you enter Kizashi’s spacious interior providing an above standard offering that truly befits an executive class series of its kind. Each details and craftsmanship are expertly designed to truly evoke a harmonious feeling for a greater riding experience.

          The ergonomic design of the instrument panel is specially conceived for the drivers real time information needs.  The steering wheel is equipped with a Tilt and Telescopic Adjustable Steering Wheel to fit all the different kind of drivers. Evoke that race car feel as you start the engine with a Keyless Push Start System.

          Soothe yourself with the comfort of Kizashi’s sporty fabric seats for driving comfort . Standard features include ambient and footwell lighting, felt lined glove compartment box and center console storage tray and soft-woven headliner.

          Engage your listening pleasure with a mellow sound or a senses-shattering loud music with the audio system with an easy sync with iPod inter-connectivity or any portable music device via built-in USB port.

Safety beyond standard

Kizashi was conceived with safety as a primary objective in the design of Kizashi’s unique unibody structure, surprisingly lightweight but rigidly strong due to its high-tensile steel material. It combines structures that absorb and dispense impact energy with a deformation resisting cabin structure and greater under floor strength for resistance to impact forces from all directions in case of sudden vehicle collision. Beneath the rigid interior wall are extensive sound insulation suppressant that further reduces external noise for a more quiet, relax atmosphere inside.


With its readiness to be  a global tourism hub, the province of Pangasinan  takes pride in hosting the Palarong Pambansa 2012 where athletes from all over the Philippines will gather together to compete in different sporting events to vie for the gold and honor and to represent our country in international competition. 

Having an understanding of the power of  Social Media, the Provincial Province of Pangasinan is making sure that the result of the event is readily available to the public and even the live streaming itself will be made available to those who wishes to watch it even from afar.    

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pressured by Glaucoma: Do You Know Your Eye Pressure?

It is a great tragedy to live without the pleasures and pains that vision can give you and have them all gradually snatched away. The sadness is also in knowing what you are losing slowly. This is what lies before everyone who suffers glaucoma.
Glaucoma is an eye disease that gradually steals vision by damaging the optic nerve, that vital connection of the eye to the brain. Glaucoma is precise and difficult to diagnose or detect early on. It is like a deadly predator that prefers to take its victim bit by bit, working quietly until the moment the afflicted notices what is going on. At that point, it will be much too late.

Friday, May 4, 2012


ABS-CBN proudly presents its newest Fantaserye in Primetime Bida T V series “ARYANA” led by the 2008 Famas best child actress Ella Cruz that will be seen on your T V screen on May 7 (Monday) nationwide.

Aryana is a myth-like kind of story where the realistic world of the humans and the fascinating paradise of mermaids are joined together. In this story, Aryana who is being played by Ella Cruz, who at the age of 14, whose life will be turned around by a curse that will make her a mermaid that will give the thorns, the twist and the thrills in the life of this young little girl.  

This Fantaserye T V series will surely capture the hearts of many Filipinos out there, not only because of its unusual story that is different from the stories we used to see on our T V screen, but because of the lessons that we can learn from this story that will surely relate to a lot of our countrymen….As Aryana, at a very young age, is already facing a very difficult situation in her life, and by not giving up, Aryana has turned the situation around for the good.  

Aryana is a show you should look out for with the other known cast like: Pokwang, Ton Ton Gutierrez, Desiree Del Valle, Laurice Guillen, Tetchie Agbayani, Giselle Toengi, Rustica Carpio, Lot Lot De Leon, Bianca Manalo, Chokoleit, Michelle Vito, David Chua, Boom Labrusca, Marvin Yap, Louise Abuel and Paul Salas. This story is under the direction of Erick Salud and Lino Cayetano.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Four of the Philippines’ wackiest male and female comedian will once again rock the stage with humour and laughter as Pokwang, Pooh, K and Chokoleit will take center stage for their repeat performance of their much anticipated comedy concert series entitled “4 THE BEST” The Repeat at the Music Museum in Greenhills on May 4, 11 and 12.

Just as expected, the Music Museum will once again will be a very small place considering the crowd that will come and watch the formidable quartet of Philippine comedy. This second performance of Pokwang, Pooh, K and Chocoleit is expected to be as successful or even surpass their first performance that was also held in the same place.

Here are some of the comments of the performers that will surely tickle you to come and watch the said performance.

“Kung sobra silang natuwa sa una naming show sa ‘4 Da Best’ naku, mas lalo dito sa repeat namin. Kaya yong nakapanood na nu’ng una, pwedeng pwede pa rin silang umulit na panoorin ang concert naming.” pag anyaya ni Pokwang.

“Wapak na wapak ang ‘4 Da Best’ hindi dahil show naming ‘to, no. Pero kami mismo sumusuko sa katatawa sa mga pinaggagawa ng bawat isa sa concert.’ pahayag ni K.   

“Kung four-times ang saya nu’ng una, dito sa repeat, eight times.” hirit naman ni Pooh. 

Iisipin ng iba na ginawa na naming ang lahat sa lahat sa una naming concert. Well, that’s not true. Marami pa’ng sorpresa kayong makikita sa repeat naming. Mahirap ikwento, e, basta,’ promise ni Chokoleit.

4 Da Best is produced by Amine Entertainment and directed by Mr. Andrew Real.

For tickets reservation, please call: SM Tickets 470-2222, Ticketworld 891-9999. Ticket prices are: 2,750, 1,980 and1,100.