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Heroes, MD: POGS Ob-Gynes Become Town-criers of Cervical Cancer’s Threat
The war is not only won in the four corners of their clinics.
 For the doctors of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS), sending mothers, daughters, and wives home in full health counts is both the joy and reward of their profession. Sworn to do everything in their power to save lives, these passionate physicians are symbolic crusaders to the many women they have saved from the grip of death.
 But in a country where universal health care has yet to reach the majority and where 12 Filipinas everyday still die of the highly preventable cervical cancer, these doctors face a grim fact that there are a lot more to save out there. Inspired by this mission, they have chosen to step out of their hospitals and medical centers to touch base with women and let the message of cervical cancer awareness be heard.
 Doctors Breaking Borders
 To spread the message of cervical cancer’s burden to women, POGS has set to launch their “Women’s First” advocacy, which will kick off a series of seminars to be presided by POGS member doctors. The seminars will be held in key selected locations all over the metro where more Filipinas will be enlightened about the nature of cervical cancer – and how they can avert it.

“It’s not enough that we treat women in clinics – more often than not, we see these cervical cancer patients when they’re already in their late stages, when it’s already too late,” observes Dra. Regta Pichay, President of POGS. “By taking the message to where they are – in their offices, at places where they go – we increase the chances of preventing this disease from taking their lives.”

A Fatal – Yet Highly Preventable – Disease

Caused by a chronic and persistent cancer-causing type of Human Papillomavirus  (HPV) infection, cervical cancer puts more than 27 million Filipina women at risk. However, there is a cervical cancer vaccine which provides significant protection for women against the two most common cancer-causing Human Papillomavirus (HPV) types (16 and 18), which accounts for more than half of cervical cancer cases here in the country.
Apart from this, the cervical cancer vaccine provides defense against 12 other cancer-causing HPV types which include HPV strain 45 – a strain which prevalently causes a more severe form of cervical cancer among Filipinas. Designed to last for both young and mature women, females from 10 years old onwards can be vaccinated using this safe, relevant, and effective cervical cancer vaccine.
 Heroism is Their Call of Duty
 One can call them miracle workers and lifesavers, but for these doctors, it’s all part of their duty. As “Women’s First” spreads cervical cancer awareness to more women here in the country, they continue to live the oath they swore to uphold - to serve humanity to the best of their abilities.


Images by Ricky Castillo

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CAMPI to mount ‘grander, greener’
international motor show on Aug. 19-22

Promising a “greener and grander” event, the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) is back with the much-awaited 3rd Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) on August 19 to 22 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

“The timing for CAMPI’s 3rd Philippine International Motor Show could not have been better. It is seen to further boost sales particularly given the positive effect of the relatively successful automated elections that help boost both consumer and business confidence,” said  CAMPI President Elizabeth H. Lee at a press conference yesterday (June 16) at the Shangri-La Makati.

The influential automotive organization, which counts 19 of the world’s global brands as members, has revised its sales growth forecast to 11% – more than double its original forecast of 4% or an equivalent of 147,000 units for the year 2010. The country’s automotive manufacturers reported total vehicle sales rose 36.6% for the first five months of the year compared to the same period last year. 

“We continue to expect robust sales for the year compared to last year with supply trying to keep up with the rising demand," said Ms. Lee, also the COO of Universal Motors Corporation.

“Factors that will continue to bolster vehicle sales include aggressive financing packages, making it easy and affordable for buyers to purchase their vehicles; OFW remittances, the engine of consumption, is expected to perform even better than last year; and the positive business and consumer confidence. 2010 will be an exciting year for both auto players and buyers,” added Ms. Lee.

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Chikka Releases New Version

In 2000, as world Internet and mobile players were discussing the next “killer app” in the form of a mobile instant messenger that might hopefully soon be created, a Manila-based company quietly released Chikka Text Messenger on beta. Chikka’s breakthrough had been in marrying IM technology seamlessly with SMS, and then building a back-end that would withstand its use by the world’s ‘text capital’ – The Philippines. 
                2010: Chikka for the new digital generation
Ten years later, Chikka has served over 68 million people who had registered on-line and via mobile to enjoy the way Chikka had united on-line Filipinos with the sea of SMS users.  The company is also releasing the latest version of its Chikka Text Messenger. “Back in 2000, Internet penetration in the country was a mere 2% but many had mobile phones and we were already a texting culture,” said Chikka founder Dennis Mendiola. “We enabled Filipinos to connect to an on-line IM community via texting which was second nature to us.”

Today, a “digital generation” has emerged and 30% of Filipinos have Internet access taking part in social networks and becoming active in social media. Mobile penetration is closer to 80%. “We saw this during the great reawakening and national mourning for the passing of former President Cory Aquino. We witnessed it again as Typhoon Ondoy brought great floods to the Capital and the Youth, with their Internet and mobile tools helped relay information for mobilization and disaster relief,” said Mendiola.  (Thus is setting for Chikka latest version release.)
“Chikka is more relevant than ever. We observe for example that a lot of casual messaging previously exchanged via text has shifted to the social networks. Our latest version is being released, combining the cool convenience of sending an IM message when one is on-line with the personal warmth, immediacy even urgency of receiving a message as text, instantly read on ones phone,” Mendiola. Promoting even higher utility for the community, the new Chikka version features P1.00 replies during off-peak hours when a lot of Global Filipinos are driving message traffic to friends and loved ones mobiles in the Philippines. Unlimited text packages akin to popular UNLI packages being offered by Philippine telcos are also now available all day.
It is also interoperable with Google Talk while Chikka is working on partnering with other instant messaging applications to make it easier for users to keep in touch.
“In 2010, there were over 16 million visits to the Chikka site from 215 countries during a one month period,” CIO Dennis Mendiola said. “Even though there are a lot of technological advancements in the communications industry, Chikka still remains to be the preferred communications tool for Global Pinoys.”
According to Mendiola much of the work that went into the “new Chikka” actually happened in the back-end with a major re-architecture.
This allows the company to pursue a technology roadmap that will very soon enable Chikka for any platform and operating system, for any IM aggregator, and also for any mobile device, Already a 3rd party developer has released an iPhone App. Chikka for its part is set to unveil its own app for the iPhone, as well as Blackberry and Android devices.

The idea is for Chikka users to be able to access it on numerous communications platforms,” Mendiola said. “Simply put, as long as you have a computer or mobile phone, you can use Chikka.”


PHILIPPINES, August 16, 2010 – Ford's globally popular small car, the all-new Ford Fiesta will arrive in the Philippine market in October 2010, closely timed with the introduction of the much-awaited vehicle in other ASEAN markets, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Filipino customers will be able to choose between a sleek and stylish Ford Fiesta four-door sedan and a bold and sexy five-door hatchback in a total of six variants and eight sophisticated colors, all designed for a new generation of drivers with a taste for fun and freedom.

The all-new Ford Fiesta boasts of being irresistibly stylish with Ford’s state-of-the-art kinetic design. Surprising and distinctive from every angle, the two models are loaded with technologically savvy features and an engaging interior with never-before seen advancements in its category.

Available in two fuel-efficient I4 engines in either a 1.4L or 1.6L, it promises a powertrain and driving dynamics balanced for an altogether fun-to-drive offering. And as another first, the Fiesta also possesses Ford's innovative new best-in-class six-speed, dual-clutch automatic PowerShift transmission.   

“The arrival of the Ford Fiesta in the Philippines marks yet another milestone for us as we reveal the first product under One Ford in the Philippines and focus on  delivering great products, building a strong business, and contributing to a better world," says Randy Krieger, Ford Group Philippines President. “Today we launch the vehicle that will change the way our customer see and feel the Ford difference. With its irresistibly stylish design, first-in-class technological features and drive quality, extensive levels of safety and enduring value, the Ford Fiesta is testament to our commitment to offer only the best.”

The debut of the newest Ford global compact car follows a whirlwind series of introductions that started in Europe just over a year ago and has spread all over the world. Since its introduction, more than 1 million Fiestas have been sold globally.

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