Sunday, April 22, 2012


Angeline Quinto named as the ‘Queen of Teleserye Themesongs’has caught the hearts of many Filipinos with her sophomore album under Star Records entitled “Fall in Love Again”. It’s Angeline newest album that placed 1st in the Philippines’ music chart.

With the continues success of her album that is constantly heading the chart and saleswise leading the OPM category in major music stores nationwide.

In the few years of her singing career, Angeline Quinto has already made a lot of successful songs including teleserye songs that many people  loved and adored like: Reputasyon, Magunaw Man Ang Mundo, Maria Del Barrio, Kunin Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin, Walang Hanggan and a lot more.

As a versatile artist, Angeline has made a lot of projects and concerts with different artist from the mainstream to the not so mainstream artist. And speaking of collaboration, there were artist like Gary V and others showed interest of working with her using the social media of today like Facebook and Twitter.

During Angeline Quinto’s press conference, she said that if there is someone whom she wants to work with it would be the maestro Mr. Ryan Cayabyab. Angeline wants to perform with the maestro as her conductor….with a full orchestra on her side and all of that.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Be mesmerized by the newest Primetime Bida T V series of ABS-CBN entitled “The Princess and I” that will be seen on your T V screen on Monday (April 16) with a full house cast of  Albert Martinez, Gretchen Barreto, Dominic Ochoa, Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos, Daniel Padilla, Precious Lara Quigaman and Kathryn Bernardo.
Explore the majestic country of Bhutan where a big portion of this T V series was taken and shot. It took the whole cast and the production team almost two weeks in Bhutan to shoot just a portion of this T V series where they all experienced the beauty and the mysticism of this country. It was here where this fairytale drama unfolds where King Anand (Albert Martinez) and his daughter princess (Katryn Bernardo) will separate ways by a tragic event that will forever change their lives. 
During the press conference of the T V series “The Princess and I”, the cast including the two directors; Francis Pasion and Dado Lumibao were asked why they chose the country of Bhutan in shooting this T V series and not other countries out there. They replied that it was the decision of the ABS-CBN creative team to shoot this T V series in Bhutan following the instruction from Mr. Lopez who had been in Bhutan and fell in love with that country. And because of that trip, Mr. Lopez mentioned that country to his staff telling them….why don’t you make a story  about this beautiful country…….and so it was, the T V series “The Princess and I” was born out from the meticulous minds of the ABS-CBN creative team.

In their two weeks stay in Bhutan, Katryn Bernardo, who is now considered as the new princess of Primetime Bida, came to know better her co-stars and bonded with them especially Enrique Gil who is one of her leading man in the said T V series….making an easyness for her to work comfortably with them.

Be there when it happens on April 16 (Monday) on your T V screen in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For more updates, log on to
Text and Images by Ricky Castillo


Watch out for the newest and one of the most emotionally-filled drama series ABS-CBN has ever produced as of the present time….entitled “KUNG AKO’Y IIWAN MO” that will be seen on your T V screen on April 16 nationwide and on the TFC channel. This is one of a kind T V drama series that many Filipinos will surely relate to in terms of their personal lives… this story talks about a family whose father became an Overseas Filipino Worker, who left his loved ones in the Philippines to earn a decent living to sustain his family and to put his children in school….not minding the hardships, the loneliness that besets him...being far from his loved ones…..leaving his children at a very young age where his presence is needed the most. And what worse could it get that the father who labored so much to feed his family….will come back to his family in a a dead person. What a tragic event this is in the life of an OFW family that many Filipino families identified themselves with…for they, themselves have a family working abroad and went through the same fate exactly as the story in this T V drama series “KUNG AKO’Y IIWAN MO”.

This T V drama story focuses on the love story of a second generation of an OFW family whose children were influenced by their own parents working abroad. In this teleserye you will see how Sarah, whose role is being played by Shaina Magdayao, who will do everything for love….to the point of swallowing her pride, and putting her reputation and self-respect on the line. Sharing with the same sentiment…is Mia, whose role is being played by Bangs Garcia, who is also from an OFW family, who is willing to sacrifice everything to win back the favor of his beloved Paul, whose role is being played by Jake Cuenca.

This newest Kapamilya Gold series is a gift of ABS-CBN to its viewers in celebrating its first year anniversary of Kapamilya Gold.

In this story, the T V audience will see a different Shaina Magdayao, Bangs Garcia and Jake Cuenca not only because of the mature role they played in this TV series, but more importantly by the way they act in a manner that only a mature or a veteran artist can do.  

Lastly, this drama series does not dissuade or persuade a Filipino from going abroad, but rather admonishing every Filipino to take all the necessary precautions in working abroad for their own safety and for their families that will be left behind.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Glaxo Smith Kline together with Congresswoman Lani Mercado and Mayor Strike Revilla launches its campaign against cervical cancer in the city of Bacoor in Cavite.

ANTI-CERVICAL CANCER LAUNCHING CAMPAIGN IN BACOOR, CAVITE CITY. In photo: (l-r) Professor Josefina De La Cruz; Cervical Cancer survivor, Ms. Abbygale Arenas De Leon; Anti Cervical Cancer advocate, Mayor Strike Revilla and Congresswoman Lani Mercado (seated).

As an example to her constituents Congresswoman Lani Mercado received for herself a dose of anti- cervical cancer vaccine from Glaxo Smith Kline Philippines.     

Glaxo Smith Kline, the leading pharmaceutical company in the world when it comes to medicines and vaccination together with the city government of Bacoor recently launched an intensive campaign against the second most common cause of death of women in the world, which is cervical cancer. 

Cervical Cancer is a disease that affects a woman cervix caused by Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV) a sexually transmitted disease that can be transferred
from one person to another just by a skin to skin contact without having a sexual intercourse. This disease is considered treacherous because it appears in a woman's cervix without any symptoms at all in the beginning....the symptoms only appear when it is on its advance stage already. 

AWARDING OF CERTIFICATE: Mayor Strike Revilla together with Congresswoman Lani Mercado and a representative from the City health office as they present a certificate of recognition to Ms. Haidee Labrador of Glaxo Smith Kline.

 The toll has almost reached its peak when it comes to this disease where 12 women die daily in the Philippines alone and one woman dies every two minutes on a global basis due to cervical cancer. What a tragic event in the life of a woman this is that could have been prevented given the right information and proper medication.

AWARDING OF CERTIFICATE: Mayor Strike Revilla together with Congresswoman Lani Mercado and a representative from the City health office as they present a certificate of recognition to Ms. Abbygale Arenas De Leon; an anti-cervical cancer advocate.

During the launching of the campaign against cervical cancer, Professor Josefina De La Cruz, whose own mother died at the age of 48 because of this disease, speaks to a large crowd discussing how to protect one's body from this disease. She admonishes the crowd of having a lifestyle check, not just when it comes to the food that we eat, the physical activity we are having, but even more so, as to whom we have sexual encounter with. Since this is considered as a sexually transmitted disease, it is highly advised to practice or to have a monogomous relationship and not to have multiple sexual partners which is the most common means or mode of transmission not only of Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV) but of HIV/AIDS Virus and other sexually transmitted diseases as well.

AWARDING OF CERTIFICATE: Mayor Strike Revilla together with Congresswoman Lani Mercado and a representative from the City health office as they present a certificate of recognition to professor Josefina De La Cruz a cervical cancer survivor herself.
The consequence of this disease is so great that many children are left orphaned, husbands are becoming widow, parents grieves the loss of their daughter, a loss of a sister, a loss of a friend and the list goes on and on. These are unnecessary events that should not happen in a woman’s life, so do not let this disease ruin your life and your womanhood.    

The whole Glaxo Smith Kline team together with the officials of the City Government of Bacoor, Cavite City as they do the X sign signifying their stand against Cervical Cancer during the launching of Anti-Cervical Cancer campaign held last April 2, 2012 at the open ground of Bacoor Municipal Hall in Cavite City.


The Philippine Skating Union in cooperation with SM Ice Skating International Rink recently had their 2-day skating training camp at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall in Pasay City with a vision of making future champions in the field of skating. During the actual training, the participants who are mostly composed of kids and teenagers were trained in many aspects of sports such as strength and conditioning, sports exercises, Pilates, sports choreography, discipline, etc.

AWARDING OF CERTIFICATE: Mr. Juan Eduardo Arboleda as he gives a certificate of recognition to one of the speakers during the Ice Skating training held at SM Mall of Asia.

 Professional trainers from different field unselfishly shared their expertise to the participants on how to develop and improve their skills on ice skating..

During the first day of training, hundred of expectant kids gathered at the spacious Music Hall of Mall of Asia eagerly waiting to learn and to be trained.

The kids were given lectures on sports nutrition that deals with foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates that will enable them to have enough strength to execute different moves on the ice floor.  

PHILIPPINE SKATING UNION AND SM ICE SKATING RINK MALL OF ASIA TRAINING CAMP. In Photo; (l-r) Manuel Veguillas, Philippine Skating Union president, Juan Eduardo Arboleda, AVP Sales and Marketing and Noel Resulta, Operations Manager-Southmall  

It just keeps on getting more and more exciting for the kids as they began their second day of training with a fun run that made them sweat to their shirt. Then, after a little rest and some snacks, it followed by an hour-long and actual training on ice where everybody got hold of their ice skating shoes and skate through the cold and wide Ice Skating Rink of SM Mall of Asia.

The participants of the 2-day Ice Skating training as they do some stretching as part of their warm up exercises.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Thousands of fitness enthusiast individual flocked at the Nestle Fitness Shape Up Night at the NBC Tent at the Fort in Taguig City to witness the newest dance craze in town, which is  “Zumba”. This dance was introduced in promoting the fun side of health and wellness.

During the Nestle Fitness Shape Up Night, the Nestle Fitness 14-day program was introduced …as a kick start to a healthier lifestyle. The Nestle 14-day program is a health diet meal plan that is designed to the health-conscious individual who wants to achieve his or her ideal body weight and shape with out sacrificing too much in the gym for a long period of time.

VJ female host/actress and a fitness enthusiast herself; Iya Villania who hosted the event and who led the crowd in some dancing moves.

NESTLE FITNESS whole grain cereal can be a replacement to your usual breakfast and dinner that can be complemented or mixed with your favorite fruits and vegetables to achieve a more nutritious and a well-balanced meal.

During the actual event, Nestle Philippines Inc. generously treated the guests with their various products like Nestle milk, Nestle yogurt and of course, the Nestle Fitness whole grain cereal. Aside from that, there were also different activities around the area such as Nutrition Counseling, Glitter tattooing, picture taking at the photo booth and of course the Zumba dance session and other fun games.    

Nestle officers who graced and organized the Nestle Fitness Shape Up Night at the NBC Tent at the Fort in Taguig City.

NESTLE FITNESS whole grain cereal main role is to help an individual to be in his or her great shape and to maintain a healthy body weight in his or her diet program or simply as a complementary in his daily food intake.

The energetic crowd who dance the night away with the newest dance craze in town which is Zumba.

NESTLE FITNESS is made up of with whole grain cereal and is a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals and it comes in Nestle Fitness Whole Wheat Cereal, Nestle Fitness and Fruits and Nestle Fitness Honey and Almond flavors.

Nestle Fitness models who ushered and assisted the guest of the Nestle Fitness Shape Up Night.
Nutritionist who were present at the Nestle Fitness Shape Up Night who gives counseling to the attendees as to what are the ideal food they need to take, ideal weight to gain and the different Nestle products recommended for an individual.


Monday, April 2, 2012


Be thrilled with the all-new SUZUKI NEX115 SCOOTER…a sporty, economical and convenient scooter that is ideal for students, office workers or to anyone who wants to experience the comfort of having a scooter of their own and to avoid the day to day traffic on the road.

With its superb aesthetic appearance that is ergonomically designed for style and comfort, this stylish scooter will surely catch the attention of many motor enthusiast out there.

SMALL, SLEEK HEADLIGHT GIVES A TAUT AND TIDY EXPRESSION In keeping with scooter design trends, the headlight is set in the front panel. The lens area is small and the edges of the headlight have a finned design, for a lean look.

Mr. Satoshi Uchida, president of Suzuki Philippines as he tries the all-new SUZUKI NEX 115 Scooter during the Suzuki press conference.

This new SUZUKI NEX115 SCOOTER is fully packed with roller type arm which is the first in Asia which enables the scooter to have a solid intake and exhaust of gasoline. Featuring a BS type carburetor with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) that helps to reduce fuel consumption as it prevents over supply of gasoline from the carburetor, newly designed CVT that are both lightweight and compact which also help fuel economy without lowering acceleration and performance and compact and lightweight Magneto that has smaller and lighter internal components—all of which also helps reduce fuel consumption.

A spacious compartment just beneath the drivers seat where you can put your personal belongings, tools, groceries or just anything you want to bring when your driving.

Suzuki NEX115 also comes with a low 735mm seat height for easier handling and bike controls especially for new motorcycle riders, a spacious 4.5 liter under seat compartment, adequate foot board, and a newly designed frame that gives riders a more stable ride.

Suzuki Philillpines Executives together with Suzuki endorsers Ramon Bautista and the rockband; 6cyclemind as they pose for a photograph during the launching of the new SUZUKI NEX 115 Scooter held recently at the Harbor Tent in Sofitel Plaza in Pasay City. 

The SUZUKI NEX 115 is the second motor product that was launched this year by Suzuki Philippines Inc. in strengthening their motor line-up campaign “Bakit Di Ka Pa NakaMotor?” 

The SUZUKI NEX 115 is available in different colors such as; Pearl Flash, Green, Peak Sakura Pink and Briliiant White and retails at a suggested price of Php 60,900 and is available in all Suzuki stores and retailers nationwide.


Sunday, April 1, 2012