Tuesday, September 20, 2011


CHEVRON officers together with the transport group representatives as they pose in front of the camera during the Anti-Tuberculosis drive in Manila initiated by Chevron Philippines.
A bus driver gives a thumb-up sign signifying his approval to the newly launched advocacy by Chevron Philippines about the Anti-Tuberculosis campaign Helpline: 381-10-10.                                                                               
A bus roaming the streets of Manila informing the public especially the jeepney, bus and tricycle drivers about the impending danger of smoking and many kinds of pollution in the air that drivers like them always confront on the road that might lead to Tuberculosis and how to prevent it by calling the Anti-Tuberculosis hot line at 831-10-10.

                        Chevron Brings Anti-TB Drive to Manila
Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of popular Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants, formally launched its “Labanan ang TB Para Tsuper Healthy” anti-Tuberculosis (TB) awareness campaign in Manila today. The launch was highlighted by the unveiling of the Caltex Anti-TB bus which will make the round of the city’s public transport terminals to conduct on-board seminars about TB.
            The awareness drive aims to provide public transport drivers, their families, and commuters with accurate information about TB symptoms, prevention, and cure. To strengthen their campaign in Manila, CPI will also hold community-based seminars in Pandacan which is home to Chevron’s terminal.
TB infects 75 Filipinos every day and is the sixth leading killer disease in the country.  Worldwide, the Philippines is the 22nd country with the highest number of TB cases while it is second only to China in Asia.
            Chevron committed US$5 million to fight TB in the Philippines as the first corporate champion of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Since then, almost 8,175 service deliverers have been educated in providing quality TB services. More than 6,144 health care providers were trained in community care and treatment for Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) TB were provided to about 1,778 patients who were no longer responding to first line anti-TB drugs. MDR treatment costs more than P200,000 for at least 18 months of treatment.  
            In addition to this financial grant, Chevron Philippines also committed to leverage its network of facilities such as the Caltex service stations as centers for TB information dissemination as part of the awareness campaign.  Aside from the TB Helpline number, Chevron will also be providing flyers, posters and hold audio-visual presentations for wide dissemination. 
Through its Anti-TB Helpline 381-1010, Caltex established a link between the public and free TB treatment facilities such as Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course (DOTS) centers. People who call the helpline are directed to the DOTS center nearest their residence for assistance.
Dean Gilbert, Area Business Manager Chevron Global Lubricants, said “The Caltex TB awareness campaign is founded on the belief that the best assistance we can give is by empowering people with the right information. By knowing the difference between what is fact and fiction, the fight against TB is already half won. By encouraging our valued customers such as the public transport drivers to know the symptoms of the disease and encourage everyone they know to get an early check up, we believe we can stop the spread of Tuberculosis.”
The campaign had its pilot site in Makati were 1,800 puj drivers and their families where engaged. Chevron is replicating efforts in Manila, this time targeting 2,500 public transport drivers, in partnership with the Manila City Health office and the Federation of Jeepney Drivers and Operators Association of the Philippines (FEJODAP). In Pandacan, where CPI’s terminal is located, CPI will have community engagements with barangays and public schools.
            With the help of various stakeholders and supporters of this project, Chevron hopes that this advocacy will help contribute in creating a TB-free Philippines. (PRESS RELEASE)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Sanofi-Aventis officers together with the medical panelist as they pose for a photograph during the Omega3Academy launching held recently at One Esplanade in Pasay City. In photo (l-r): Dr. Eugene Reyes; Arla Ampil-Obligacion, CHC Business Unit Director-Sanofi-Aventis; Mina Grace Aquino, Science Research Specialist 2, FNRI; Rachelle Gamboa, Marketing Manager, Sanofi-Aventis; Dr.May Pagunsan,Medical Director, Sanofi-Aventis and Dr.Tommy Ty-Willing.

Sanofi-Aventis, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines makers of CENOVIS FISH OIL recently launched the Omega-3 Academy Asia, a newly-formed professional body of medical experts committed to raise and increase the awareness and understanding of the importance of Omega-3 in one's body in the Philippines and its neighboring countries.

A group of medical expert as they answer the questions from the TV, Print and Online Media community who were present during the launching of the Omega3Academy website.

/Ms. Mina Grace Aquino, a Science Research Specialist at Food and Research Nutrition Institute as she talks about the importance of eating food rich in Omega-3 such as tuna, bangus and other fish. She also added that taking fish oil in capsule form is recommended if one is not sure if the prescribed amount of Omega-3 intake is not met.

/Ms. Rachelle Gamboa, Marketing Manager of Sanofi-Aventis as she talks and takes great pride in their product (Cenovis Fish Oil) which she says differs from the other fish oil products in the market today. "Not all fish oil capsules are the same no matter how similar their color, texture and taste are. Cenovis Fish Oil comes from one of the cleanest seas in the world, which is from the Peruvian waters. Unlike other fish oil products that come from shark, seals, cod liver oil and other big fish, Cenovis Fish Oil comes from 3 kinds of small fishes such as anchovies, mackerel and sardines." Miss Gamboa said, making Cenovis Fish Oil not only health-friendly, but also environmental-friendly as well.

/Dr. Eugene Reyes is a Clinical Associate Professor in University of the Philippines talks about the mission and vision of the Omega-3 Academy which he himself is an academy member.

/Dr. Tommy Ty-Willing is the President and Chairman of the Philippine Diabetes Association talks about the good and the bad fats that can be found in the food that we eat and how we will be able to distinguish it.   

Sanofi-Aventis marketing manager Ms. Rachel Gamboa, as she discuss the different features of the newly launched website the where the public can browse and utilize it for themselves for research about their health and how to take care of it. 

Former actress and champion athlete; Ms. Christine Jacob served as the female host of the event where she herself asked questions to the medical panelist making the forum even more interesting and livelier.  

Helps improve the appearance of skin 
Helps keep the heart healthy and functioning at its best level.
Acts as blood cleansers.
Helps in brain development & improve one’s memory in both children and adult.
Helps absorbs essential nutrients and expel waste products.
Helps maintain sharp vision.
Helps blood flow to the heart.
Aids in lowering blood cholesterol to avoid heart attack and stroke.
Reduces the risk of developing breast cancer & prostrate cancer by 60%.

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Friday, September 9, 2011


 Astrovision/Astroplus, a newly opened store located at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 5 in Makati City where one can find CD/DVD movies for the movie lovers out there, CD album of your favorite artist for the music lovers, gadgets of different kinds from headsets, speakers, DVD players, microphones, etc, for gadget lovers out there and a lot more in store for the would be Astrovision visitors where you could find and avail of the discounted products in their stores in malls nationwide.
TDK headset is one of the gadgets presented during the bloggers blow out courtesy of Astrovision and as someone who always listen to music, news and you tube, where I spent a lot of my time doing my research, I can say that TDK headset is one of a kind in the market today where one can hear the sound in a very lively way just as if the one talking or singing is just beside you and the quality of the noise is far better than the headset I used to have. Honestly, I am not an expert when it comes to sound in all its aspects, but one do not need to be an expert to distinguished an ordinary sound from a high quality sound and this is what TDK offers to the consumers out there that is really a cut above the rest. You may check TDK ear phones in all Astrovision stores nationwide.
TDK Signal Receiver is a unique kind of gadget where one can get signal from afar and still one can hear the sound of your audio without compromising the quality of the sound.
WOW MAGIC SING for Pinoy music lovers out there where one can experience a truly live experience in singing where you can choose from thousand of songs in the list and you can even personalised the video being shown on the screen. You can choose from the different models that they have in the market today like WOW Concerto Pro, WOW MTV, and WOW Mabuhay Plus. WOW Magic sing bundles are available in all Astrovision/Astroplus stores in malls nationwide. For more information visit  

Lastly, I would like to thank the men and women behind Astroplus/Astrovision and for their generosity and for the kind deeds they have shown to the online media community. MORE POWER!!!             Text and Images by Ricky Castillo

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



As the announcement of the top 10 emerging most influential blogs for 2011 quickly approaches, and being part of the online media community, I would like to express my intention to be a part of it even in my own little way. As many people know that a huge number of the world’s population today turn to the internet for news and other relevant things in their lives more than the print materials available around them for many reasons.  

So as part of my participation in this very influential medium we called the internet I would like to submit my 10 most influential blogs which has different themes from religious blogs to public service blogs to business blogs to general blogs and here are my official entries.

1) - I like this blog because it shows the different events happening around us.

2) - I chose this blog because of the tips one can get especially the moms out there..

7) - I like this blog because of the things you will know when it comes to our finances.

 8) - I like this blog for the reason that it deals with environmental issues in a different way.

9)  - I like this blog because of the insights it gives not just to moms but also to the would-be moms..


Friday, September 2, 2011


 NIVEA OFFICERS as they pose in front of the camera during the online media day of work out held recently at 360 gym in Makati City.In photo; (from l-r) Mikee Galang, Jon Lee, Raisa Mislang, Ida Dizon, Jamie Sanico and Gel Nibungco.

1. Controls skin oiliness long-lastingly
2. Reduces Oily shine
3. Prevents whiteheads
4. Prevents blackheads
5. Tightens and refines pores
6. Soothes the skin
7. Restores skin's oil-mosture balance
8. Smoothes and evens out the skin
                                      THE ALL NEW NIVEA SILVER PROTECT

                                                     NIVEA FACIAL WASH
                               NIVEA's SMOOTH AND COOL                 
Nivea Philippines recently invited the online media community for a day of work out and fun at 360 fitness gym in Makati City where we experienced a totally different kind of work out that I don’t usually do in my gym routine …..I’m a little bit shocked with the unusual equipment that I saw inside that gym like the huge tire truck, sledge hammer, etc. things that we don’t normally see in a gym setting, but I later realized that it has its purpose and that is to make one’s body more flexible, more active and stronger.

Just right after the rigorous and tiresome work out, I immediately used the Nivea oil control facial wash with 8 Multi Effect and right after using it, I immediately got the feeling of freshness and coolness all over my face that soothes every pore on my skin making it smoother and cooler.

As an active individual like me, who is into sports and always on the go, I really feel the great need to have a facial wash that is always within my reach, especially for a person with a very oily skin such as me. So, I really appreciate the availability of the all new Nivea facial wash in the market today where it indeed meets my expectation in a facial wash that I have been looking for quite sometime.

So what I’m doing right now is to make it sure that I always have the all new Nivea facial wash inside my bag so I can use it any time, anywhere, whenever the need arises to wash my face, giving me the confidence to look at others and to be looked upon by others as well with out a feeling of anxiety as to what they will say regarding my outside appearance, giving me a feeling of being SMOOTH AND COOL…… Text and Images by Ricky Castillo