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                                                                  PARIS HILTON
                                                  PARIS HILTON WITH KIDS
                                              PARIS HILTON BEING KISSED BY A KID

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


THE LAUNCHING OF PHILIPS POWERLIFE STEAM IRON GC2900 RANGE. In photo; (l-r) Ms. Precious Hernandez, Business Development Manager Domestic Appliances, Personal  Care and Coffee, and Ms. Angelia Oh,  Commercial Leader of Philips Philippines as they pose in front of the camera during the launching of the NEW PHILIPS POWERLIFE STEAM IRON GC2900 held recently at the Establishment at the Fort in Taguig City.

If there’s one household chores that some of us often neglected or just simply the least that we like, it would be ironing of clothes, considering all the hassle and dazzle of doing it, the effort that needs to be exerted to get rid of those wrinkles on your clothes, not to mention the high cost of electricity bills that we incur due to ironing, but those things will be a thing of the past as PHILIPS, the global leader in the market for iron introduces the new PHILIPS POWERLIFE IRON GC2900 RANGE where ironing is made fast and effective in the shortest possible time where it instantly remove the creases on your clothes by its strong steam output for faster and more effective results. 

Steam Ironing is not new to many people, especially to the garment care expert, to the many fashion designers around the world who showcases their skillfully made gowns on the runway, even to the ordinary people like you and me who are knowledgeable when it comes to garment’s safety and care for the clothes that we wear.
Ms. Precious Hernandez, Business Development Manager Domestic Appliances, Personal  Care and of Philips Corporation and her companion as they demonstrate to the viewing audience the benefits of using the NEW PHILIPS POWERLIFE IRON GC2900 and how to use it properly.

                                 PHILIPS POWERLIFE IRON GC2900 (ORANGE MODEL)
 Benefits of using steam iron
In addition to being lighter and faster, the power of steam also comes with the added benefit of flexibility and convenience:
·         Where dry irons are most effective on high heat settings which are inappropriate for today’s wide range of synthetic and delicate clothing, the steam iron is effective even on low heat. This renders the steam iron a dream when used to iron materials such as silk and other delicates.
·         Earlier generations of steam irons often left moisture spots on fabric when using low heat, but Philips steam irons come with a Drip-stop system to allow spot-free ironing even when using steam on low heat settings.
With faster, more efficient results, steam irons also help preserve your clothing as they’re subjected to less heat and friction, and make scorch marks a thing of the past. So instead of getting hot under the collar, spend less time on ironing and find more time for the more important things in life.

                                                      PHILIPS POWERLIFE IRON GC2900
                                  PHILIPS POWERLIFE IRON GC2900 (BLUE MODEL)
 Features of the new philips Powerlife GC2900 steam iron
The steam output in g/min determines the amount of heat and moisture released and penetrated through the fabric. Thus the higher the steam output, the easier and faster it will be to iron. The Philips PowerLife Iron GC2900 range has a steam output of up to 35g/min with a steam boost of up to 110g/min which allows for the removal of the most stubborn of creases.

Philip’s premium SteamGlide soleplate has patented 6 layer coating with PFTE molecules…Thus, it is scratch resistant and possesses non stick properties. It glides over clothes and garments easily, and corresponding large and small vents on the soleplate ensures that an appropriate amount of steam is delivered to the right area.

One of the side effects of a steam iron is the deposit of scale in the appliance, similar to that in a kettle. The Philips PowerLife Iron GC2900 range is equipped with a calc clean slider to help remove scale out of the iron, so that it can be cleaned easily.

The Philips PowerLife GC 2900 also has a safety feature that switches off the iron automatically after a period of non-activity.

 The whole Philips family as they pose for a photograph during the the launching of the NEW PHILIPS IRON IRON GC2900 RANGE held recently at the Establishment at the Fort in Taguig City.

Monday, October 24, 2011



Shopping Overload: Multiply Throws
The Country’s Biggest Shopping Party

Multiply, the country's dominant online shopping destination and the largest in Southeast Asia, celebrated its latest Philippines milestone by throwing the country's first-ever shopping party. The number of Filipino stores on Multiply Philippines recently crossed the 100,000 mark, many of who participated in the unique party which brought together celebrities, shoppers and merchants that brought to life Multiply's one-of-a-kind virtual shopping experience.

Premier event venue, White Space in Makati was transformed to a shopping haven that featured hundreds of products and 90 stores that are exclusively available in Multiply. It was one big shopping party as Multiply showcased their most popular products from 16 categories, including fashion, accessories, gadgets and mom and baby products.

Hosted by long-time Multiply user, professional make-up artist, model and TV host, Bianca Valerio, the party also featured a fashion show of works and pieces from Multiply merchants. A key highlight of the event was the official unveiling of Multiply’s new and improved Marketplace which makes it much easier for consumers to find what they are looking for online. The Multiply Marketplace features the latest shopping finds, best sellers and also has a dedicated portion for featured sellers. New enhancements were made specifically to make online shopping at Multiply easier, more secure, and more fun.

“The Philippines is home to the biggest community of Multiply. Our six million loyal digital sellers, Multipreneurs and virtual shoppers are why we are in the Philippines and we have given them a richer, more convenient shopping experience," said Jack Madrid, Country Manager of Multiply Philippines. “We wanted to provide our Filipino community the best shopping experience that only Multiply can bring and this is our way of thanking everyone for helping us successfully evolve into a fully functioning e-commerce site earlier this year.”

Staying true to its identity as a digital innovator, the event also mashed-up on-line activities to on-ground efforts as Multiply was first to bring in to the country the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that allowed guests to share and connect their real-world experiences in the event to their digital lives in Facebook. The technology provided them with the opportunity them to “Like” the items at the party just by tapping these cards at the terminals where the items are showcased.

Keeping the party vibe alive were performances from top local act, Techy Romantics while DJ Mars Miranda provided tunes all night long.  The event was co-presented by Sun Cellular and supported by Banco De Oro. Other sponsors were Kitchen Webb, Arizona Beverage Co., Dell, Lenovo, Villman Computers Philippines, Astroplus, My|Phone and David’s Salon for the models’ hair and make-up. (PRESS RELEASE)

Friday, October 21, 2011


                                                          SPONGE COLA

With so many music bands that have come and gone, only a few of them has ever reached the Diamond Star standing and one of those few bands is the ever-lively, crowd-drawing, stage-rocking band Sponge Cola who just released their fourth album entitled "Araw Oras Tagpuan" under Universal Records.

During the band’s press conference for the Online Media Community, the band stresses out that they want to influence their listeners, fans and the music lovers out there through their songs in a positive way, just like the testimonies they heard from their friends, peers and the listening audience out there particularly with the song “PUSO” where a lot of people are continuously being inspired, from the UAAP athletes who listens to this song before playing in the court, to the bar examinees who always listen to this song to get some encouragement to study more to pass the bar exam and the list continues.

Their new album album entitled "Araw Oras Tagpuan" under Universal Records which consist of 12 songs (9) nine of which were composed by Yael Yuzon himself and the rest are from the other composers whom they collaborated with.

Diamond-recording band Sponge Cola consist of Yael Yuzon (vocalist/guitarist), Erwin Amovit (lead guitarist), Gosh Dilay (bass) and Tedmark Cruz (drums) make sure that they always put their feet on the ground realizing that they came from nowhere to a big hit recording band as to what they are right now. For them, this is just a beginning of a more gigs, more music and more concert path that they still need to walk through as they go along in the music industry.                        Text and Images by Ricky Castillo


Thanks a lot to Universal Records and for the invitation.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


In celebration of “World Bread Day” men and women around the world marked a particular day where they celebrate and give importance to bread and the way of sharing love through bread to friends, families and to the community where they are living.

Bread is one of the most common food that we human beings eat and consume regardless of our race, language and color. It is so basic that even our Lord Jesus Christ typifies or likened himself to it (bread) when he said: “I am the Bread of Life”. Bread as we know it has a lot of classification or type such as white bread, brown bread, whole wheat bread, multi-grain bread, rye bread, sourdough bread and a lot more. Different it may seem, but the purpose still remains and that is to satisfy one’s hunger. And that is the very reason why Gardenia Philippines launched the G-Lock Collage whose primary purpose is to alleviate the sufferings of our brothers and sisters who are in dire need of food and other basic things in life.
Gardenia officers: Mr. Simplicio Umali Jr., President and General Manager of GBPI together with Mr. Nestor Constancia, Marketing Manager of GBPI as they pose for a photograph during the unveiling of the “G-Lock Collage” where ordinary people like you and me can be a part of Gardenia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort to be of help to our fellow Pilipino especially those who are in need. By doing so, every Gardenia bread that we purchase has its corresponding value, where each G-Lock is equivalent to one loaf of bread, then the total G-Lock that will be earned with its loaves of bread equivalence will be donated to the chosen charity organization by Gardenia officers.                                                                                                                    
The actual picture of Gardenia’s bread processing plant where they manufacture and produce bread of different kinds. It is so clean that any pharmaceutical company of international standard can manufacture medicine in it. Gardenia’s bread processing plant can produce 650,000 loaves of bread a day, enough bread to supply the needs of the consuming public in the greater Manila area and its neighboring cities.
Text and Images by Ricky Castillo

Monday, October 17, 2011

Japan Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences Fiscal Year April 2012 - March 2013

The Japan Foundation, Manila announces its Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences for fiscal year April 2012 – March 2013. The program provides financial grants to cover partial expenses in carrying out international intellectual collaborative projects, such as international conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, etc., which are designed to deepen mutual understanding and establish closer relations between Japan and other countries while promoting intellectual exchange worldwide. Priority is given to projects that will involve participation from a number of countries and encourage interaction between various sectors of society.
This fiscal year’s grant program gives priority to activities which focus on the following non-exclusive areas: a) Disaster-prevention and disaster-proof society; b) Environment, energy and culture; c) Social values of science and technology; d) Diversified society and public tolerance; e) Democracy and governance; f) Peace-building and culture; and e) international governance and economic prosperity with special attention given to broaden and/or enrich the areas of Japanese studies through comparative and interdisciplinary approaches.  In contrast, activities must not be used for any religious or political purposes and the project duration should be implemented and completed between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013.
In reviewing the duly submitted dossier, priority is given to projects which satisfy the following conditions: a) Multilateral projects: Projects that include participants from multiple countries; b) Multi-sectoral projects: Projects that aim to include participants from a variety of sectors such as academics, policy-makers, community or non governmental organizations; and c) Interdisciplinary projects: Projects that aim to bridge disciplinary boundaries and thereby contribute to the expansion and development of an extensive intellectual network. In particular, projects which include participants of the next generation. Furthermore, the participation of Japanese scholars/speakers is an essential component in project selection and approval.    
Financial grant coverage includes traveling expenses, honoraria for paper presenters, lecturers, interpreters and assistants, conference materials, publication of reports, venue and equipment rental and public relations.
Application is open to universities or research institutions, non-profit organizations, NGOs, and international organizations. Applications from individuals and profit-oriented organizations will not be accepted.
Deadline for the submission of a full-blown (completely accomplished) project proposal is on Monday, 21 November (JFM deadline). The copy of the guidelines on the Philippine program focus is available at the Japan Foundation, Manila . For details, please call 811-6155 to 58 or you may send an email inquiry through


                                                           NIVEA SILVER PROTECT
                                                          NIVEA SILVER PROTECT
First formula to fight body odor by attacking bacteria with powerful silver ions.
Effective and reliable 24 hour protection.
Gentle on underarm skin.
Dry, woody aromatic scent (with citrus top notes) that smell as fresh a the end of a long day as when it first applied.
NIVEA FOR MEN DEODORANT SILVER PROTECT Dynamic Power with silver molecules offers you the real confidence of effective 48h regulation of perspiration with a modern masculine scent.
  • 48h effective regulation of perspiration with the antibacterial formula including silver molecules
  • Without alcohol and colourants
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically proven, even after shaving or trimming
                                                            NIVEA SILVER PROTECT
  • 24h effective regulation of perspiration with a modern masculine scent
  • Eliminates body odour with anti-bacterial silver molecules
  • Without alcohol and colourants
                                          NIVEA SILVER PROTECT CHALLENGE

My childhood is one of the most memorable part of my life where all I do is eat, sleep and play not minding the cares of this world as to what i’m going to eat next, as where to get money for my present and future needs, as to whom will I have relationship with and the list goes on and on. And this (childhood experience) is what I totally experienced when the men and women behind Nivea Philippines invited us (the online media community) for a night of fun and games at the Lazer Xtreme establishment in Market Market at the Fort in Taguig City where the childhood spirit that is in me was somehow revived where we (the online media community) played a game like that of a Star Wars that we see on movies and television, but charm was not on our side. We just ended third place and with the team that garnered the lowest score, nevertheless, I, We, the online media community are grateful that we got into this kind of event, even though it’s  a little bit different from the usual event we used to cover. The thing is we all enjoyed and had fun and more importantly the camaraderie among us (the online media community) somehow stirred up.

Before all that….I have been expecting this event already,  the moment I received Nivea’s invitation through my email and as I read the contents of it, I have this thought in my mind that this is going to be different and exciting and so it was…. I almost forgot to say that I also immediately marked my calendar in order for me not to miss this event. 

On the actual day of the event I arrived as one of the earliest bloggers..It’s already 6 pm and still there were only a few of us who were there…thinking that we might the only ones who will be playing the stuff, etc, but just minutes after, bloggers arrived in batches and in no time the room was immediately full. 

While I was in the room, a beautiful girl who happened to be a Nivea model asked me to try the new NIVEA SILVER SILVER PROTECT DEODORANT and without any hesitation I tried it on both of my underarms. Funny it may seem, but I still tried it and huhhhh!!! I immediately feel a refreshing feeling on it that I noticed that while playing inside the Lazer Xtreme battle zone my body is already perspiring while my underarm is not. And after playing for two games with all the run, going in circle and hiding I can still feel the coolness and that refreshing feeling on it that gives me a confidence to be with the crowd not minding what odor they can smell on my underarm.....Good thing there is NIVEA SILVER PROTECT DEODORANT around.


Saturday, October 15, 2011




International Blog Awards to honor the homecoming of OFWs & Filipino Expats

Pinoy Expats OFW Blog Awards, Inc., an international alliance of OFW & Pinoy Expatriate Bloggers will put to center stage the return of Philippines modern-day heroes as PEBA 2011 celebrates the “homecoming” of OFWs and Filipino Expatriates. Joining this year’s celebration are Ayala Malls, Nokia and Globe Telecoms.

PEBA is on its 4th year of recognizing Blogs written from all over the world by Filipino workers and expatriates. This year is unique from the previous awards night as it will also honor the talent of Filipinos abroad in the field of photography.

“We wanted to bring a message to the world that despite the hardship experienced by our fellow Filipinos working or residing abroad, we continuously think of returning to the Philippines with honor and our dignity intact.” according to Mr. Segre, Director of Global Affairs. The focus this year is to promote the beauty of the Philippines and declare that OFWs and Filipino expatriates are returning home to effect positives changes learned from their respective host countries. The theme, "Ako’y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko’y Pagbabago" (I Will Return, I Will Bring Change) brings to life the aspiration of Filipino workers abroad.

PEBA is going back to the basic; it will bring the advocacy to a wider audience by increasing PEBA’s visibility in the shopping malls. We want to come closer to the hearts of Filipino people, including to those who do not Blog, to the mall-going Filipinos and help us campaign for change and support the blogging Filipinos abroad.

We would like to promote the importance of Blogging because it enable and empower Filipinos in various parts of the world, encouraging them to express their thoughts, ideas and share their individual experiences.

The PEBA 2011 awards night will be held in Trinoma Activity Center on December 9, 2011 at 5PM. The winning entries of PEBA 2011 Photo Contest will be exhibited in Market Market Mall and will be attended by OFW advocates in the government, diplomatic corps and NGOs.

Contact Information:

Pete E. Rahon | PEBA 2011 Chairman
Mobile: +63917-733-7152 | Email:
Mark Aethen Agana | Head of Public Relations and Media Affairs
Mobile: +63927.339.1454 | E-mail:
F. Jigs G. Segre | Director of Global Affairs & Strategic Initiatives
U.S. Contact No.: +1510.589.2950 | E-mail:

Friday, October 14, 2011


                                          LIMA PARK HOTEL MAIN ENTRANCE
Lima Park Hotel’s scenic front view where guest and visitors will experience Batangas utmost hospitality.
                                              LIMA PARK HOTEL'S SIDE VIEW
Lima Park Hotel’s scenic side view overlooking the mountains with cloudy skies hovering over it and farms that is relaxing to one’s eye.
                                            LIMA PARK HOTEL'S BACK VIEW
Lima Park Hotel consist of a lot of rooms that can accommodate groups of people whether they are on a vacation trip, business seminars or simply just want to hang around.
                                                    LIMA ROOM
LIMA ROOM that is good for a family on vacation or group of individuals who wants to relax and have some fun.  
                                              EXECUTIVE ROOM
Lima Park's Hotel Executive Room where one can experience luxury living at its finest ……

                                         DIFFERENT DELICACIES FOR ADDED FLAVOR
ARROZ VALENCIANA= A delicious delicasy with ingredients such as chicken, sausages, potatoes. tomatoes, garlic, butter, black olives, green peas and a lot more that will surely satisfy one's cravings for food.
GINATAANG MANOK SA DILAW=Chicken in yellow color together with its sauce, with coconut milk that makes the chicken more flavorful. A recipe popularly known throughout the Philippines.

                                   NILAGANG TADYANG NG BAKANG BATANGAS
                                                          KALDERETANG LAGUNA
                                                         HINORNONG ISDA
The Batangas choir as they serenade the online media community, hotel employees and guests during the Palayok Festival held recently at Lima Park Hotel in Batangas City. 

Lima Park Hotel
Lima Technology Center
Malvar, Batangas, Philippines
(T) +63 43 981 1555
(F) +63 43 981 2555
(M) +63 917 504 2385
Text and Images by Ricky Castillo