Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Who would ever thought that a young school girl who hesitantly auditioned in a school band is now making waves in the Philippine music industry. Yes! that is true in the life of Juris, whose real name is Juris Iris Fernandez who started as a vocalist in a school band doing gigs here and there….and now is the talk of the town in the field of music.

Juris, who just recently tied the knot started her singing career as a solo performer with Star Records, having her first album “ Juris: Now Playing” that has already gained the platinum status and was recently awarded in the 24th Awit Awards as the Album of the Year while her second album “Forevermore” has already reached the gold status. And talking about her 3rd album, it just amazed her (Juris), where her career is leading her to. She (Juris) will be launching her 3rd album this year that will be produced by a Singaporean company S2S whom she encountered with in one of her singing engagements in the past, and was captivated by her voice…and the rest I say is history.

This 3rd album of Juris is an all-English songs that caters not only to the Filpinos, but rather to a wider South East Asian market…making her debut in international scene.

During the bloggers event, she (Juris) was asked how does she handle criticism, she answered ….(paraphrase …mine) "There were times in the life of an artist where he or she is being weighed down by others using the social media, print and other possible means, and for me (Juris), those things may come my way and it actually did came my way, but she inquisitively opted to dwell on good things and not on the bad ones….so as for her not to deviate from the path that God wants me to take." Juris said.   

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Madonna releases her 12th studio album “MDNA”

If listeners find all the earmarks and trademarks of Madonna in her latest album, that’s a testament to her deep involvement to the process of creating the package, her twelfth and first outside her old label. The powerplay of maturity and a new beginning she's now embarking on makes this one another turning point to her career strengthened by ingenuity and artistic adventure.    

While the album title, “MDNA,” is a mere abbreviation of the Mother of Invention’s  world-famous name (as suggested by collaborator M.I.A), its accidental meaning, being Madonna’s DNA, actually defines the finished product as her imprint as one of the world’s most successful artists of all time can be heard all over the collection.  

The 12-track album, to be released this March 26, is led by the cool single “Give Me All Your Luvin” featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. By now the track has spread via limited privilege as provided by iTunes --- in the process only hastening the interest and anticipation for the Queen of Pop’s album since 2008.

Her recent Super Bowl appearance seemed to have rubbed on to this engaging track as its official music video has football and cheerleading as main themes.

A second collaboration between Madonna and Minaj comes in the form of the song “I Don’t Give A.”

Friday, March 23, 2012


Erick Santos dubbed as the Philippine music’s Ultimate Serenader will be releasing his new album entitled ‘Bakit Mahal Pa Rin Kita’ that will be distributed nationwide by Star Records Inc. It’s an album with 14 OPM songs, where 9 are original and 5 are cover songs. With its heart-warming and inspiring songs that are included in this album, surely, this new album will go a long long way.

Erick Santos is one of the few balladeers of our time that is making a mark in the music industry. A lot of people know that when Erick sings, he sings from the core of his heart. And to Erick, singing a song is like telling a story to his audience. And his goal is to let his audience understand and feel what he is telling them.
During the bloggers event for Erick Santos that was held recently at Kitchen Cakes and Coffee restaurant in Tomas Morato, he (Erick Santos) proudly introduces his new album that according to him is very special. “It is special not just because its my own album, but because in this album there is a song where I personally wrote all the words from the first stanza to the last of it.” Erick said.  
Erick was able to write a song primarily because, he loves listening to love songs, and this is where he draws his inspiration in writing a song.

In his journey as a singer, Erick Santos would like to follow the footsteps of Basil Valdez, who as a balladeer has made a lot of timeless songs that are well-loved by a lot of Filipinos here and abroad.

Erick Santos has done a lot of concerts in the past, and some of the most memorable ones for him are of course the Power Icon concert where he was able to perform in front of the jam-packed audience at the Music Museum for two consecutive days. Another one is the concert he did five years ago in Araneta coliseum where he did a lot of difficult things on stage like singing while dancing which he is not accustomed to do, nonetheless, he was able to do it with flying colors.....And in doing concerts or just simply performing in a T V show and in other places, Erick Santos makes it sure that he always do his best by preparing and practicing a lot….for he believes in the phrase that says: “A singer is just as good as his or her last performance.” 

Text and Image by Ricky Castillo


At the culmination of the 3rd International Pyromusical Competition, Italy and our very own country Philippines beautified the sky with its magnificent fireworks of art as it went up in the air together with a music that is synchronically tuned to the movement of the fireworks in the sky. Truly, it’s such an amazing thing that explosives can be controlled and manipulated on the air, not only when it comes to timing, but also as to where it will explode in the air.

During the program proper, the country of Italy first performed and delighted the crowd with their outstanding fireworks display. After Italy’s great performance, the organizer in no time announced the winners of the 3rd International Pyromusical Competition. And here is the list of winners: The country of Netherlands took the 2nd runner-up slot, Australia and Finland making a tie on the first runner-up position and just as many of us are expecting, the beautiful country of Canada took home the grand prize and proclaimed as the grand winner of the said competition.    
Just right after the announcement of winners….the moment that all has been waiting for has come…..the grand exhibition of our very own country, the Philippines, with flags raised up and being waived on the air, with shirts worn with the map of the Philippines on it….showing support to our country. The Philippines made its grand entrance in the sky with its fabulous fireworks accompanied by a patriotic song entitled “PILIPINO AKO” sang by no other than the boxing champ “Manny Pacquiao.” With the Philippines grand performance combined with a soul-ringing patriotic song…it just makes every one of us who were there watching the event….proud of being a Filipino.

In wrapping up, with the excitement that the Pyromusical Competition brings, with the beauty of fireworks that it displayed and with the tens of thousands in attendance that it draws/n to witness to see the event, we, together with a lot of people cannot wait to see the next International Pyromusical Competition that will be held next year in the same place that will surely bring more fireworks tricks and attractions to all of the Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012


During the 5th week of the 3rd International Pyromusical Competition held last Saturday, March 10 at the SM at the Bay in Mall of Asia in Pasay City. Pyrotech teams from Australia and Canada showed the crowd what their country has to offer when it comes to pyromusical technique and skills. 

Just before the program start, there were cultural dancers and singers who performed in front of the judges, also some representatives from the two countries and the audience at large that served as a teaser to the much-awaited Pyromusical competition.

During the actual fireworks competition, the country of Australia and Canada mesmerized the crowd by their eye-puffing fireworks display that made the crowd stand on its feet and shout in amazement. 

It was Australia’s Fireworkx Inc. which first set the skies on fire with its grandiose fireworks. Fireworkx Inc. is one of the leading fireworks display provider in Australia and was founded by Ian Reidel, and through his expertise, innovativeness and dedication to his craft, Mr. Reidel was able to manage and put Fireworkx Inc. on an international level of competitiveness.

The second country that sets the skies on fire is Canada’s Fireworks Spectacular, it’s a Calgary based company and regarded as one of the finest and most professional fireworks companies in Canada. Fireworks Spectacular has already performed in well over 100 fireworks display in all major cities in Canada. They were able to performed in different special events like: Canada Day, New Years Eve, Air shows, Conventions and different sporting and corporate events in Canada.

It is such an eye-catching event that you and your families and friends shouldn’t miss! You can be at the SM by the Bay or simply seated comfortably at the various restaurants at the veranda of the mall watching this grandiose event in the skies.
For reservation and ticket inquiries you may contact Ticket Net at 911-5555, Ticket World at 891-9999, SM Tickets at 470-2222 or visit     

Monday, March 12, 2012

Volunteering Expo (VSO Bahaginan)

VSO-Bahaginan invites you to the Second Volunteering Expo on March 13, 2012 at Hotel Intercontinental Manila in Makati City. Entitled "Active Communities, Sustainable Future," the Volunteering Expo will serve as a platform for celebrating and inspiring volunteerism in government, non-government, corporate, and academic sectors.

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List of exhibitors on March 13, 2012, Tuesday, at Hotel Intercontinental. Exhibit is from 7:00am to 5:30pm and is free for all. Please invite as many friends as you can.

  • Local Government Academy
  • One Meralco Foundation
  • The Asia Foundation
  • Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM)
  • Yakap Kalikasan
  • Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA)
  • De La Salle-College of St. Benilde SDEAS
  • Petron Foundation
  • Greenpeace SEA-Philippines
  • Inernational Citizen Service
  • VSO Bahaginan
  • Visayan Forum Foundation
  • Greenlife Forest Organization
  • Gualandi Volunteer Serice Program (GVSP)
  • Emirates
  • Far Eastern University (FEU)
  • Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID)
  • Infinity Travel and Tours
  • Hands on Manila
  • Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT)
  • AIDS Society of the Philippines

“CORAZON” Ang Unang Aswang

Watch out for the most exciting combination of drama, love and horror story movie of the year “CORAZON” Ang Unang Aswang…that will be shown on March 14 in more than 100 theaters nationwide.

In this story, Erich Gonzales and Derek Ramsay will play the role of a husband and wife whose love for each other and their faith will be put to the test when tragedy happens to their long awaited son.

This is the first time Erich Gonzales will play a lead role in a drama, love and horror story movie. Erich commented that accepting this project will get her out of the norm of  acting for she will be acting differently in this movie and it will test her versatility as an actress. On the other hand, Derek readily accepted this project because he is not a neophyte when it comes to acting in a horror film such as this. Derek said that he enjoyed shooting this film and he wants variety when it comes to movies that he is being a part of.

Furthermore, what the moviegoers will see and experience  are not just about horror, fear and aswang, this is more than that. It’s a story about the undying love between a husband and wife that no matter what comes their way…they will still continue to fight for each others feeling.

More than the things I mentioned and discussed above, this movie “CORAZON” Ang Unang Aswang is an example of  the horrible things that might happen to a person if he turns away from God and give his attention to the evil one. Here, we will see that whatever happens in our life, with our family and friends….putting our trust in God in the end is what really matters and will help us go through in life… when all else fails.   


BIOESSENCE, One of the leading skin care clinic in the Philippines just recently signed up Ms. Iya Villania and Nikki Gil, two of the most sought-after celebrity of our time. Iya and Nikki are both advocate of  a healthy lifestyle and also a good example to many, and for this reason,  BIOESSENCE founder and president; Dr. Emma Guerrero who believes in the phrase that “Clean living is the very foundation of real and lasting beauty.”, never had a second thought of choosing Iya and Nikki as their new endorser as they truly exudes true beauty from the inside and out.

Iya and Nikki both believe that beauty is more than skin deep. They both believe in taking care of one’s skin in a physical way, and according to them, as we take care of our skin, we should all the more give importance and nourish the inner beauty that lies inside of us. And it has something to do with our attitude or behavior. 

BIOESSENCE PRESSCON AND CONTRACT SIGNING. In photo; (l-r) Dra. Emma Guerrero, founder and president of BIOESSENCE, Ms. Iya Villania, MTV VJ female host and actress, Ms. Nikki Gil, MTV VJ female host and actress and Mr. Arnold Vegafria, talent manager.

 During the BIOESSENCE press conference and contract signing, Iya and Nikki narrated how they meticulously take care of their skin. They both believe that in order for a  man or woman to have a beautiful skin, one has to do something  about it and not just wait for it to happen to them.... And as part of their daily activity …they make it sure that they get enough sleep every day, to exercise on a regular basis, to eat the right kind and amount of food and by regularly visiting your skin clinic, and this is where BIOESSENCE comes into the scene for its role in Iya and Nikki’s beauty regimen.


Known as one of the country’s leading beauty and wellness centers, Bioessence has steadily grew throughout the years with a growing list of branches that offers a wide range of beautifying services that also do wonders for one’s well being..

Through impeccable service, attention to detail and effective treatment, Bioessence has earned the trust of consumers gaining regular customers from various cities nationwide.

With Bioessence’s aim to world class professional beauty, they have reached out to a broader market that caters to both the young and the young at heart. Aging is something inevitable, so looking young is a project that most of us want. Starting on early with the proper regimen together with the help and assistance of a professional team like Bioessence is a sure fire way to keep that young healthy glow longer. With the busy world we have right now, they rightfully emphasized on beauty inside and out as well as holistic wellness through rejuvenating services that refreshes and energizes the mind and spirit.

Friday, March 9, 2012


In celebration of World Glaucoma Week, the Philippine Glaucoma Society together with Allergen brings total awareness to the public about this dreaded eye disease, which is Glaucoma. Glaucoma is considered to be the second leading cause of blindness in the world, and here in the Philippines, it ranked first as the leading cause of blindness not just in one eye, but in both eyes. With this very disturbing information, the Philippine Glaucoma Society took upon their hands the task of  informing our fellow Filipinos about this disease through education, exchange of ideas, research and public dissemination of important facts about Glaucoma.
The Philippine Glaucoma Society officers; in photo (l-r) Dr. Norman Aquino, Dr. Manolito Reyes, Dra. Hannah Pia De Guzman, Dra. Ma. Zita Meriales, Dr. Mario Aquino, Dr. Rainier Covar, Dra. Imelda Yap-Veloso, Dr. Jose Martinez and Dr. Nilo Flor Cruz as they pose for a photograph during the press conference of the Philippine Glaucoma Society held recently in Shangrila hotel in Makati City.   

In an in-depth view, Glaucoma is a condition that affects the eye’s optic nerve (the optic nerve is a bundle of tissue that carries information about what one sees from the eyes to your brain.) The damage in the optic nerve is usually---but not always---caused by the build-up of naturally produced fluid within the eye. When the fluid within the eye is trapped and cannot escape….the resulting pressure build-up causes the optic nerve to deteriorate, resulting in vision loss and an irreversible blindness.  

The online and the print media personalities who attended the Philippine Glaucoma Society press conference event held recently in Shangrila Hotel in Makati City.  

Although, in most cases Glaucoma happens to many individuals without any symptoms at all in its early stage. And it is considered irreversible, which means that when the optic nerve is damage, it cannot be restore anymore. Nonetheless, there is a good news about it that the blindness caused by Glaucoma…given the proper medical procedure is preventable and can be controlled, especially when detected in its early stage. Knowing this medical information, what one needs to do is to have a regular eye check-up, undergo Glaucoma screening exam and other eye test your eye doctor will recommend you.
Former female T V host and actress… Ms. Chrisitine Jacob Sandejas who served as the female host of the event.

In response to this, the Philippine Glaucoma Society and its health care company partner…Allergen will be conducting Glaucoma awareness activities like forums for lay people about this eye disease and glaucoma screening activities in selected hospitals and eye centers nationwide….By doing so, the Philippine Glaucoma Society’s vision is somehow being fulfilled----THAT NO FILIPINO SHALL EVER GO BLIND FROM GLAUCOMA!  


Thursday, March 8, 2012


Multi-awarded TV female host and actress Toni Gonzaga will once again will be a part of the everyday life of many kids, adults and families as she will be starring in a month-long T Vseries “WANSAPANATAYM” starting this Saturday (March 10) on ABS-CBN Channel 2 where she will have the opportunity to give life to different characters that will surely catch the attention of the T V viewers out there.

For four consecutive weeks, Toni will be in this T V series “WANSAPANATAYM” where she will be playing different roles that will shape her character as an actress. She will be playing the role of a witch, a man turned into a woman and a mysterious T V weather girl.

During the press conference of Wansapanataym, Toni said that although her role in this T V series is quite different from the role she played in the past, still, she wholeheartedly accepted this project because it will somehow affirm or justify the award that she recently received from Anak T V Seal award giving body where she was given the Best Female Showbiz Oriented Talk Show Host Award. 

So don’t miss this month-long T V series where Toni Gonzaga will be joining other artist like; Guji Lorenzana, Isay Alvarez, Atoy Co, Angel Sy, Nina Dolino, Bryan Termulo, Eda Nolan, Tess Antonio, Cecile Paz, Dexter Doria and many more….and it’s under the direction of  Eric Salud for Witchy Mitch and Don Cuaresma for Hannah Panahon. 

For more information, log on to

Text and Images by Ricky Castillo

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Sa nalalapit na pagwawakas ng teleseryeng kinagiliwan ng marami, na nagpa ngiti, nagpa luha, nagbigay inspirasyon at pag-asa sa marami, mapa bata man o matanda…. ang family drama series na “Budoy” ay inaasahan na mas mga kapana-panabik at makapigil-hiningang mga eksena pa ang matutunghayan ng mga manonod.

Mula ng mapanood ng marami ang teleseryeng ito na pinagbibidahan ng tinaguriang Drama Prince of the Philippine Screen na si Gerald Anderson….namulat at naging sensitibo ang maraming manonood patungkol sa mga kalagayan ng mga bata na may kapansanan katulad ng taglay ni Budoy sa drama series na ito. Maiibilang man natin sila na hindi normal tulad ng iba sa atin, magkaganonpaman silay tao pa rin tulad ng bawat isa sa atin na may damadamin din na nasasaktan at marunong ding magmahal.

Sa huling dalawang lingo ng teleseryeng Budoy, masasaksihan ng marami ang mga ibat-ibang eksena na magaganap sa pagsagip ni Budoy sa girlfriend din nyang si Jackie (Jessy Mendiola) at kapatid na si BJ (Enrique Gil) laban sa sindikato…..Maraming katanungan ang masasagot sa pagwawakas ng istoryang ito tulad ng… Ano kaya ang mga mangyayari sa pagwawakas ng teleseryeng ito? Matagumpay kayang maisalba ni Budoy si BJ at Jackie sa kamay ng mga masasama? Mabubuo pa kaya muli ang kanyang nasirang pamilya? Ilan lamang yan sa mga katanungan na masasagot sa pagtatapos ng Budoy.

 Dahil dito, inaanyayahan ang lahat na subaybayan ang huling laban ni Gerald Anderson sa “Budoy” pagkatapos ng “Walang Hanggan” sa ABS-CBN. Para sa karagdagang inpormasyon, mag log-on sa, sundan ang @budoy_tv sa Twitter at i-like ang     

Friday, March 2, 2012



                                MEGA YOUNG DESIGNERS COMPETITION WINNERS

MEGA Magazine, the Philippines’ best and pioneer fashion magazine, successfully culminated the second season of Gen M: Generation MEGA, the MEGA Young Designers Competition (YDC) 2012 and kick-started its 20-year anniversary celebration recently at NBC tent.

For the past 20 years, MEGA has endeavored to champion Philippine fashion and create a Filipino aesthetic. The YDC was created two years after the inception of the magazine and it was launched in order to discover the creative minds who will then serve as ambassadors of Philippine fashion to the runways of the world. This competition has produced a list of impressive alumni including renowned designers Rajo Laurel, Michi Calica-Sotto, Patrice Ramos-Diaz, Ivarluski Aseron, Mich Dulce and Veejay Floresca

MEGA founder and editor in chief Sari Yap, shares, “I believe in tradition. The MEGA Young Designers Competition is one such thing. When we started it in 1994, it was to create a platform to discover new talent. Back then, to break into the fashion industry was very difficult and there were very few avenues to generate buzz. Today, it’s a very different picture, there are so many fashion schools and designing has become a go-to career for a lot of young people. Although the barrier to entry is not as difficult as before, we still wanted to find these stars and teach them the right skills.”

In keeping with the 20th anniversary of MEGA, the MEGA Young Designers Competition final six were then tasked to imagine MEGAmorphosis and the next 20 years of MEGA for their final collections. These were then showcased in a grand gala held at NBC Tent last February 16, 2012.

With an audience that included patrons of fashion, young society and the most important advertisers of MEGA magazine, there was no better place to launch young talents Mara Chua, Kirby Cruz, Ched Dalogaog, Robin Gundran, Oz Go and Renan Jay Pacson.
The glittering event is just the first in what will be a series of events to commemorate MEGA’s historic 20 years.

Directed by Robby Carmona, the event featured the top 6 designers: Ched Dalogaog, Kirby Cruz, Mara Chua, Oz Go, Renan Pacson and Robin Gundran each of whom presented a five-piece collection with the theme: MEGA: Fashion in the next 20 years. This year’s judges included MEGA magazine editor-in-chief Sari Yap, acclaimed fashion designer Avel Bacudio, and ramp and commercial model Raya Mananquil, along with MEGA Magazine deputy editor Meryll Yan and executive creative director Suki Salvador. To top it all off, YDC alumni Veejay Floresca and MEGA
YDC 2011 grand winner Russell Villafuerte showcased a capsule collection especially created for the night.

The grand winner of this year’s MEGA Young Designer Competition brought home a contract with Boardwalk worth P50,000, a 3-day, 2-night stay at Discovery Shores Boracay, products from Bose, a Meister watch, a trophy by Mulawin Abueva, a feature spread in MEGA Magazine, and P100,000 cash from MEGA. The runners-up also brought home contracts with Boardwalk, a stay at Discovery Shores Boracay, and a feature in MEGA Magazine.

A special prize for Best in Show was also awarded. The winner and his models received P20,000 worth of Gift Certificates from Primadonna shoes.

With the end of the second season of the MEGA Young Designers Competition, the MEGA Publishing Group unveiled a new treat to the country’s fashionistas, the much awaited comeback of MEGA Fashion Crew.