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Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC)

Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) Opening at St. Luke Hospital at the Fort Bonifacio, Global City in Taguig. In photo: (l-r) Dr. Steve Mark Gan; President and CEO, Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center, Hon. Allan Peter Cayetano; Senator, Republic of the Philippines,  Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada; former President of the Philippines, Mr. John Lloyd Cruz; Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center Celebrity Endorser,  Hon. Lani Cayetano; City Mayor of Taguig and Hon. Florentino Doble; Chairman, Professional Regulatory Commission. 

A smile is more attractive with perfectly-lined teeth. Those pearly white incisors are like precious jewels that light up the face. It’s the first body part that grabs public attention. It also says a lot about the person's genes, health and cleanliness habits.
Some people are fortunate enough to be born with beautiful set of teeth. The not so lucky ones would have to endure several trips to the dentist- if they happen to be brave enough.
Let’s face it, several people still cringe at the mere thought of getting a dental procedure.
For Dr. Steve Mark Gan, founder of
Gan Advanced Osseointegration
Center (GAOC), this is expected.
Dr. Steve Mark Gan, President and CEO, GAOC
In the past, dentists did pay close attention to how their clinics look or how they are perceived by the public. “If they have a clinic, they just have a sign outside, maybe post their clinic hours and then inside they have a dental chair and maybe a clerk. That's it, no lifestyle elements. That's why people are scared to go to the dentist. "

The no-to-glamorous image of dentists concerned the young doctor. Rather than conform to existing mold Dr. Gan accepted the challenge to take a different route. "My goal was to really change the dentistry landscape in the Philippines. I want to remove the scary factor. It should be glamorous more lifestyle oriented."
While taking his residency in the U.S., Dr. Gan learned the latest technology in dental medicine. He returned to Manila and opened a small dental clinic in Binondo, Manila. Soon after his list of clientele grew, he founded the Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center or GAOC in 2001, the one-stop dental center offers the most advanced technology in oral diagnostic and surgical procedures.
Apart from the regular dental procedure GAOC specialized in implants or osseointegration, the process in which the bone cells are attached to the titanium surface which locks the dental implant to the jaw bone.
The concept was relatively unheard of in the Philippines back in 2001. Today apart from general dentistry his clinic is fast becoming known for the wonders of dental aesthetics and implants, more importantly for being the "Dentist of the Stars". GAOC’s surgery team with Dr. Steve Mark Gan, at GAOC Operating Room
"When I decided to specialize in dental implants people told me ' are you crazy'? Sino ang magpapa implant dito," he relates.
Dental implant surgery replaces missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth that look and feel like the real ones. It replaces tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts. It’s the perfect alternative for dentures that run the risk of falling off.
Dr. Gan cites the case of singer comedian Allan K, who was using dentures for the long time. Once time while hosting on TV, he was laughing so hard his dentures fell off.
Dr. Gan offered to change his dentures to implants "Now he is so happy. He can eat anything he can chew, he can talk and talk without fear that of falling dentures," he said.
The comedian was so happy that he refused to go back to his old dentures, even when Dr. Gan told him that he needed to do some revisions on his implant. "You know what he said? you are not going to touch my teeth. I refuse to go back to dentures”.
Dr. Gan believes that having good teeth builds confidence. "It is as important as any part of the body. First, you use it for eating. How can you swallow your food if you don't chew it well? Second, it builds confidence. Without nice teeth, how can you smile? How can How can you talk confidently? How can you socialize? “he said.
Thanks to osseointegration or dental implants, a good number of patients, including famous personalities, who used to feel so insecure because of bad teeth, are now flashing confident smiles. According to the doctor, the procedure does not hurt, "when done properly" that is why it is important that patients only go to "qualified" dentists.
Dr. Gan is all to launch the newest and the fourth GAOC at St. Luke's Global City. The newclinic is a homecoming of sorts since Dr. Gan first started his dental group practice with a clinic in St. Luke's Quezon City. The new GAOC, located at the 9th floor of the Medical Arts Building is a serene and relaxing abode, giving a quiet sense of relaxation to all those who enter the room. The mint blue color scheme, fine lines and the use of natural light closely resembles a spa, encouraging dental patients to relax and feel at home.
Although it is located inside the country's top hospital. GAOC has its own consultation room, dental laboratory, and treatment rooms. And just like all the GAOC branches, patients can expect the most advanced, technologically superior equipment and service. And to keep up with the latest trends, the center regularly sends their dentists abroad for training.Treatment Room - GAOC St. Luke’s Global City
With the new venture Dr. Gan would like to focus more on hospital-based dentistry. Aside from making his patients look more beautiful and confident, Dr. Gan wishes to work with patients with more serious dental problems.

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