Monday, June 7, 2010



Everyday, environmental elements and other factors leave your coloured hair dull and lackluster. To make hair truly stand out, one must develop a special hair care regimen to awaken the shine and vibrancy of coloured tones.

This season, the leader in Philippine hair care once again takes the lead by introducing a first in caring for coloured hair. Make coloured hair dazzle with the new Sunsilk Colour Shine System! It is a revolutionary new range of wash and care products specially developed for coloured hair. This system lets you enjoy you enjoy your colour even more by adding vibrancy and shine to coloured hair.

Sunsilk Colour adds noticeable shine to coloured hair as 84% of women in a recent independent study conducted will attest. This new system contains a revolutionary micro-active conditioning formula that counteracts the damaging effect of colourant chemicals without adding or depositing color. It also infuses hair with nourishing and moisturizing complex, making hair visibly smoother and shinier.

Since women’s coloured hair comes in varying shades, the Sunsilk Colour Shine System comes in three variants: Radiant Light Brown, specially formulated with rich passion fruit complex to add a sensual iridescent shine to one’s light brown hair; Dazzling Shiny Black has a black pearl complex for that dazzling shine akin to that of black pearls; and Vibrant Burgundy which is formulated with red cherry complex for one’s burgundy tones. Each variant has nutri-proteins, vitamin E and shine protectors. Sunsilk Colour Shine System shields the hair, and infuses essential nourishment to illuminate hair from within.

To maximize the vibrancy and shine of colored hair, Sunsilk Colour Shine System suggests three simple steps: STEP1 Shampoo, STEP 2 Conditioner and STEP 3 Leave-on. The shampoo illuminates color tones by gently cleansing dulling residues and helping counteract the damaging effects of colourant chemicals. The conditioner nourishes and moisturizes hair for extra shine. Hair becomes visibly smoother and shinier. Finally, leave-on seals in the high shine and protects the hair strands against damage anytime, anywhere.

Clearly, Sunsilk has come up with another pioneering product range that addresses the need of women with colored hair by adding shine and life to colour…thus adding colour to life! 

So dare to shine with the Sunsilk Colour Shine System!        

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